Containing CO2And H2The recovery system and recovery method of the gas of S

Containing CO2And H2The recovery system and recovery method of the gas of S

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  • Filed: 01/22/2014
  • Issued: 08/24/2018
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1. one kind containing CO2And H2The recovery system of the gas of S, which is characterized in that have:

  • Absorption tower will contain CO2And H2The gas of S makes the importing gas and absorbs CO as gas is imported2And H2The absorption of SLiquid contacts and absorbs CO from the importing gas2And H2S;

    Regeneration of absorption solution tower, has CO by absorption2And H2The absorbing liquid of S is taken out from the tower bottom on the absorption tower, is supplied via the 1stIt is imported from top of tower side to pipeline, makes CO using the heat of reboiler2And H2S is released, and makes regeneration of absorption solution;

    2nd supply pipeline makes the regenerated regenerable absorbent liquid of institute return to the absorption tower;

    Absorption is had CO by the 3rd supply pipeline near the midsection on the absorption tower2And H2The absorbing liquid of a part of S takesGo out, the absorbing liquid taken out is imported near the midsection of the regenerator;

    AndHeat exchanger is mounted on the cross part of the 3rd supply pipeline and the 2nd supply pipeline, makes described from absorption towerMidsection nearby take out absorption have CO2And H2The absorbing liquid and regenerable absorbent liquid of S carries out heat exchange,Flash drum, from the mother solution taken out by absorption tower and the individually separated incoagulable gas of half mother solution,Condenser, the CO with water vapour that will be discharged from the top of tower of the regeneration of absorption solution tower2And H2S gases carry out coldBut,The condensate gas-liquid separation cooled down by condenser is water, CO by knock-out drum2And H2S gases,Wherein, the CO that will be isolated by the knock-out drum2And H2S gases, with using the flash drum it is individually separated go out instituteIncoagulable gas confluence is stated,In the cross part of the 1st supply pipeline and the 2nd supply pipeline, heat exchanger is not set.

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