Garbage disposal device with good heat dissipation

Garbage disposal device with good heat dissipation

  • CN 104,941,753 A
  • Filed: 06/19/2015
  • Published: 09/30/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/19/2015
  • Status: Active Application
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1. the refuse disposal installation that a heat radiation is good, in order to carry out pulverization process to rubbish, comprise the housing (1) had in order to the inside spur (10) smashed when moving by rubbish, described housing (1) upper surface left part is provided with feed arrangement (3), the cylinder deflector chute (32) that the wide-mouth deflector chute (31) that described feed arrangement comprises upper end is connected with wide-mouth deflector chute (31) with lower end, described cylinder deflector chute (32) bottom flushes with housing (1) inwall, the bottom of described housing (1) is fixedly installed upper sieve plate (12), the central part of upper sieve plate (12) is provided with central supporting part (13), rotate in the upper part of central supporting part (13) and carry crushing tooth parts (2), rotate at the low portion of central supporting part (13) and carry lower sieve plate (22), in the housing (1) of described lower sieve plate (22), mounting bracket (14) is installed, described mounting bracket (14) middle part is provided with mounting groove (15), rotational drive motor (16) is installed in described mounting groove (15), the output shaft of described rotational drive motor (16) is fixedly connected with described lower sieve plate (22) bottom, described rotational drive motor (16) and described mounting groove (15) install silencing cotton (17), the noise that described silencing cotton (17) produces when can absorb described rotational drive motor (16) work, described rotational drive motor (16) surface is horizontally arranged with fin (18), described fin (18) is through described silencing cotton (17) and stretch out described mounting groove (15), the lower end of described housing (1) is also fixedly installed stand (11) in order to be maked somebody a mere figurehead described lower sieve plate (22) below, wherein, sieve aperture on described upper sieve plate (12) and lower sieve plate (22) identically distributes:

  • all at least comprise outer ring sieve aperture array (121,

         221) and inner ring sieve aperture array (122,

         222), wherein, described outer ring sieve aperture array (121,

         221) the sieve aperture quantity n in 1meet following relation;

    n 1=4N 1+2;

    Sieve aperture quantity n in described inner ring sieve aperture array (122,222) 2meet following relation;

    n 2=4N 2+2;

    Wherein, N 1and N 2be natural number and N 1>

    N 2;

    And wherein,When described lower sieve plate (22) rotates 90 relative to upper sieve plate (12) otime, all sieve apertures in described upper sieve plate (12) are identical with the size of overlapping the formed overlapping hole of the corresponding sieve aperture (1222) in described lower sieve plate (22).

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