Chinese character coding input method for coordinate shape codes of eight categories of stroke shapes

Chinese character coding input method for coordinate shape codes of eight categories of stroke shapes

  • CN 104,951,096 A
  • Filed: 11/28/2014
  • Published: 09/30/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/28/2014
  • Status: Active Application
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1. one kind " encode Chinese characters for computer eight class form of a stroke or a combination of strokes coordinate code input method ", it is characterized in that its numerous more than totally 6 ten thousand Chinese characters in the Input Software such as " Chinese big dictionary " and " carefree pen " " civilized pen ". simplified, different. old style and large. small letter is done correspondingly disassemble or directly mark off the Chinese character member code with versatility or individual type or be parts code more than totally 1500 individual (kinds) according to its scheme structure respectively, again by these more than 1500 component codes again system divides be 8 large classes, 27 series are segmented again under 8 large classes, and by these 27 serial component codes respectively with 26 English alphabet keys and 1 " <

  • of PC keyboard, " symbolic key the configuration of totally 27 key mappings orientate an organic whole (containing accompanying drawing 1. accompanying drawing 2. accompanying drawing

         3) of eight stroke input methods as, the resource distribution of this 8 large class 27 serial Chinese character member pen code is positioned such that;

    (1) put first stroke of a Chinese character class 4 series-namely comprise the acnode pen series corresponding with " Q " key, the some cross-peen series corresponding with " W " key, corresponding with " E " key two nod series, the multiple spot pen series corresponding with " R " key.(2) horizontal first stroke of a Chinese character class 3 series-namely comprise the anyhow pen series (contain cross break pen) corresponding with " T " key, the horizontal skimming pen series corresponding with " Y " key, the many bar series corresponding with " U " key.(3) top-down begining stroke 2 series-namely comprise the length corresponding with " I " key to erect pen series, the short vertical stroke series corresponding with " O " key.(4) slash first stroke of a Chinese character class 7 series-namely comprise the short slash head series corresponding with " P " key, the long write pen series corresponding with " A " key, the slash angle head series corresponding with " S " key, the written vertical pen series (contain downwards pen) corresponding with " D " key, the transverse pen series corresponding with " F " key, the slash folded pen series corresponding with " G " key, the Nun pen series corresponding with " H " key.(5) turn up a class 3 series-namely comprise right long corresponding with " J " key and roll over series, the right side corresponding with " K " key is short rolls over series, and the left folding pen corresponding with " L " key is serial.(6) a fork-shaped class 4 series-namely comprise the ten jaw series corresponding with " Z " key, the oblique forked type series corresponding with " X " key, the also jaw series corresponding with " C " key, the folded forked type series corresponding with " V " key.(7) what a shaped as frame class 3 series-namely comprise were corresponding with " B " key closes frame-type series, and corresponding with " N " key opens frame-type series, the assorted frame-type series corresponding with " M " key.(8) little extreme misery class 1 series-namely comprise the little extreme misery type series corresponding with " <

    , " key.(it is example that key mapping is configured to Toshiba notebook keyboard).

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