Seedling method for bare-rooted soilless seedling of aquatic plant withe underleaf pearl

Seedling method for bare-rooted soilless seedling of aquatic plant withe underleaf pearl

  • CN 104,957,017 A
  • Filed: 07/15/2015
  • Published: 10/07/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/15/2015
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1. naked of water plants Phyllanthus Leptocladus Benth without a native seedling method, it is characterized in that, comprises the steps:

  • A. the selection in seedbedSelect seedbed, field, hardened ground seedbed, do not prick soil with root system of plant and fill seedling cultivation bed for the basin of target;

    Seedbed, field;

    smooth plot, compacting, by the flatness in level meter adjustment plot, the ridge of a wide 50cm height 20cm is set every 70cm, Polypropylence Sheet or antiseepage film are laid and covers ground, ridge covers waterproof membrane or geotextiles, then on Polypropylence Sheet or antiseepage film, irrigate the water layer of dark 5-10cm, and the unimpeded water inlet of its draining and delivery port are convenient in setting in seedbed, field;

    Hardened ground seedbed;

    select fragment of brick to be built into the pond shape of 480cm ×

    356cm ×

    10cm, simple and easy on-swimmer'"'"'s pool made by inwall paving waterproof membrane, in pond, water filling 5-10cm is dark, and the long limit in hardened ground seedbed is formed by connecting by the fragment of brick minor face head and the tail of 240mm ×

    115mm ×


    The minor face in hardened ground seedbed is formed by connecting by the fragment of brick of 240mm ×

    115mm ×

    100mm long limit head and the tail, and the spacing of putting of fragment of brick is 20-30mm;

    Not pricking soil with root system of plant fills seedling cultivation bed for the basin of target;

    be that container is filled with water with basin, basin filled with water, and unnecessary water can overflow naturally, and the specification of basin is long 360mm wide 260mm height 100mm;

    B. the nursery material of Phyllanthus Leptocladus Benth is preparedSelect the healthy and strong branch of the raw Phyllanthus Leptocladus Benth of 1-2,1-2 is grown branch segment, and branch is cut sth. askew, every segment length 20cm, and segment branch can retain blade;

    C. seedling is cultivatedIn seedbed, field or hardened ground seedbed, be evenly tiltedly placed on ridge or fragment of brick by branch, spacing is 3cm, soaks in 1/2-2/3 place, branch bottom;

    Seedbed, field, hardened ground seedbed or do not prick with root system of plant soil be the basin of target fill seedling cultivation bed in, be a bundle by branch with 10 strains, adopting cordage ties up in the middle part of branch, after tying up, make the lower end in branch root direction stagger and make stem end in same level as far as possible, within the scope of the wide 260mm of long 360mm, evenly placing 12 prick;

    Every day suitably adds water and supplies water level, and the water exceeded will overflow naturally from delivery port or pelvic surface of sacrum, be beneficial to the water natural renovation in seedbed, and within about one week, branch is sprouted, and treats that young leaves is ripe, monthly sprays 0.5 ‰

    liquid fertilizers and carries out foliar application 1-2 time;

    Outdoor nursery in summer, adopts the sunshade net of light transmittance about 70% to shelter from heat or light, sunshade net is liftoff 1-2 rice;

    D. the time is cultivatedBranch can rudiment after 5 days, and young leaves quantity increases gradually along with leaf growth;

    Grow to the 15th day stem hole skin to occur;

    Within about 25 days, form callus at butt otch, be cultured to 50 days and form adventive root;

    Cultivation spring and summer is 2-3 month to going out the garden time;

    Winter, normal-temperature breeding, went out garden to April in next year.

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