Process for preparing coking charging coal from coking mixed coal

Process for preparing coking charging coal from coking mixed coal

  • CN 104,962,303 A
  • Filed: 04/29/2015
  • Published: 10/07/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/29/2015
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1. prepare a technique for coking shove charge coal, it is characterized in that, step is as follows:

  • Q1;

    each single coking coal shipped by coal storage device carries out pulverization process according to its coal, ature of coal respectively in shredding unit, controls its different smashing fineness and stores respectively;


    the single grade coal after pulverizing respectively delivery device for coal is tested and stored, the coal that fineness meets the demands directly is turned over put on belt driving means by the electricity panel turnover device that surges, and is directly transported to coal-blending device stores without pulverizing;

    Fineness can not meet the production requirement i.e. coal of not standard compliant coal, then turned over to send back in shredding unit continued to repeat Q1 step by the electricity panel turnover device that surges;

    Or pulverized by newly-built extra shredding unit under surging panel turnover device at electricity, step is identical with Q1;


    Q2 step obtain without the coal pulverized, with repeat to pulverize the coal obtained and all store respectively according to type and fineness;


    be stored in each single grade coal that fineness in coal-blending device meets the demands, in the mixing section of coal-blending device, fit in mixed coal by the blending ratio determined after coal blending, mixing, tower of delivering coal is for coke oven production and application.

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