Plate chain-type material-retaining wall for roadway

Plate chain-type material-retaining wall for roadway

  • CN 104,963,722 A
  • Filed: 05/19/2015
  • Published: 10/07/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/28/2014
  • Status: Active Application
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1. a plate chain type tunnel stock retaining wall, it can be removed easily, install and Reusability;

  • Feature is;

    structure is connected to form by wallboard (1) and chain (2);

    Wallboard (1) steel plate of one piece of rectangular 2-3 mm of thickness is made, make shaping after wallboard (1) in L-type, upper and lower flanging (3,4) is provided with on the horizontal both sides of wallboard (1), wherein upper hem (3) outwards reverses in ∩

    type, lower hem (4) inwardly reversion is rectangular in shape, and increases the structural strength of wallboard (1) with this;

    The height of the wallboard (1) after flanging is less than the height of mine car, so that decking;

    The following width of the wallboard (1) after flanging is less than height, with conservation and weight reduction;

    Not etc., the joint of two blocks of adjacent wallboards (1) can not inserted, mutually so that combination is installed for the size of two blocks of adjacent wallboards (1);

    Be provided with some roads reinforcing rib (8) at the lateral surface of wallboard (1), reinforcing rib (8) cross-distribution anyhow, infall is at conplane cross;

    Reinforcing rib (8) is parallel to each other with the sideline of wallboard 1, and reinforcing rib (8) adopts angle bar or square tube to make, and the width of reinforcing rib (8) equals the width of flanging;

    Reinforcing rib (8) and wallboard (1) are weldingly connected integral;

    Reinforcing rib (8) after welding and flanging are at grade;

    And the joint not affecting two blocks of adjacent wallboards (1) is inserted mutually;

    Some chains (2) are provided with, 10 centimetres, the termination of the chain (2) distance wallboard (1) at wallboard (1) two ends, so that the grafting of wallboard (1) is connected between inside the edge of the upper and lower flanging (3,4) of wallboard (1);

    The inner side of the upper end of chain (2) and the upper hem (3) of wallboard (1) is fixedly linked integral;

    The side lining (1) of lower hem (4) is provided with several holes (5), and hole (5) is corresponding with the position of chain (2), and hole (5) uses for installing wallboard (1);

    When wallboard (1) is installed, the lower hem (4) of wallboard (1) is facing to the wall (7) in tunnel, and parallel with the wall (7) in tunnel, and the two ends of some blocks of wallboards (1) are plugged integral, wallboard (1), from the distance of the wall (7) in tunnel, determines the storing capacity of wallboard (1);

    Hole (5) place vertical drilling below wallboard (1), insertion expansion hook (6) in boring is also fastening, make expansion hook (6) and wallboard (1), the rock three on ground is connected as a body, chain (2) is hung in expansion hook (6), chain (2) is just in time strained, the both sides of the chain (2) after tension and wallboard (1) form triangle, thus add the side of wallboard (1) by force intensity;

    During entrucking, run into chain (2) and be in the way, chain (2) can be removed from expansion hook (6), chain (2) be foundered the sidewall outer of wallboard (1), in order to avoid affect entrucking;

    The not used time, the expansion hook (6) of wallboard (1) is laid down, wallboard (1) is oppositely placed on a jiao of the wall (7) in tunnel, saves very much the space in tunnel.

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