Automatic-control soup overflowing pot

Automatic-control soup overflowing pot

  • CN 104,970,697 A
  • Filed: 10/06/2013
  • Published: 10/14/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/06/2013
  • Status: Active Application
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1. one kind controls the slaughterhouse that overflows automatically, its structure is by pot body, inner cap, enclosing cover, control module 4, sensor, magnetic valve, plunger, spring, electric hot plate forms, it is characterized in that:

  • in the middle of the bottom of pot body, have a through hole, successively plunger is installed in through hole is horizontal, spring, magnetic valve and control module, the power output end of control module draws an attaching plug, a signal input part of control module is connected with switch, No. two signal input parts are connected with sensor, a power output end of control module is connected with electric hot plate, No. two power output ends are connected with magnetic valve,Korean ginseng is put at bottom of pot body, inner cap is put into a pot body, again animal flesh is placed on above inner cap, inner cap and bottom of pot body form a lattice chamber, put into a vessel in the space of the bracing frame below pot body, attaching plug and commercial power socket to inserting, open switch, the electric energy of control module electric conduction hot plate, make the temperature of electric hot plate reach 110 °

    , and keep 1 minute, be beneficial to evaporate the air in lattice chamber;

    Then, control module is transferred to 90 °

    the temperature of electric hot plate and is stewed 50 minutes, and in heating process, the Normal juice of duck flows out, and duck juice is by atmospheric pressure press-in lattice chamber, and the Korean ginseng in dative chamber together stews;

    After completing, control module heightens 110 °

    the temperature of electric hot plate again, and keeps half a minute, to ensure that the duck in lattice chamber joins the boiled of soup;

    After completing above-mentioned steps, control module disconnects the electric energy of electric hot plate, along with the decline of temperature, when sensor detects the temperature of pot body at 60 °

    , control module electric conduction magnet valve, magnetic valve adhesive drives plunger to move toward control module direction, through hole conducting, duck ginseng soup flows in vessel in through hole, after one minute, control module cuts off the electric energy of magnetic valve, spring handle plunger return, through hole is closedThere is the Normal juice extracted in animal flesh overflow and collect, and the effect of automatically deriving.

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