A kind of continuous casting installation for casting

A kind of continuous casting installation for casting

  • CN 104,972,085 B
  • Filed: 05/27/2009
  • Issued: 09/17/2019
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/30/2008
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1. a kind of continuous casting installation for casting, comprising:

  • Mold (3),Nozzle (4), andAbove mold (3) and around the magnetic stirrer (5) of nozzle (4) setting, the blender (5) includes around nozzle (4)Core made of magnetic material circumferentially (7) and the multiple windings being wrapped on the core (7) (10-15,10 '"'"'-15 '"'"'), the winding (10-15,10 '"'"' -15 '"'"') is wrapped on the section of core (7) when the circumferential direction along core (7) is looked,Wherein each of described winding includes tubular-shaped electric conductors;

    It wherein further include cooling circuit (20), the cooling circuit (20) includes interior periphery and the spray being arranged in blender (5)The first part of multiple cooling elements made of conductive material between the outer periphery of mouth (4), the cooling element it is describedFirst part extends and between adjacent first part relative to nozzle (4) along the longitudinal direction transversely to the longitudinal directionIt is spaced;

    And the cooling element includes metal tube, and coolant liquid flows through the pipe;

    It wherein further include that the shield (16) of conductive material on the outside of the blender (5) is set, and the cooling elementSecond part is also arranged on above and below the core and the winding and radially along the longitudinal directionIt is arranged on the outside of the core and the winding;

    And the cooling element is arranged to be used for cooling down the shield.

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