My(CxN1-x) powder the continuous preparation method of push type dynamic and sintering equipment

My(CxN1-x) powder the continuous preparation method of push type dynamic and sintering equipment

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  • Filed: 06/09/2015
  • Issued: 07/05/2019
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/09/2015
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1. a kind of My(CxN1-x) powder the continuous preparation method of push type dynamic, chemical formula My(CxN1-x) in, M Ti, Cr, V,One of Ta, Mo, Nb, Zr, Hf, W, Mn, y are 1 or 2, and x is 0.1≤

  • x≤

    0.9, it is characterised in that processing step is as follows;

    (1) ingredientIn addition to M is Ti or Ta, M is preparedy(CxN1-x) powder raw material be M and O compound powder and reducing agent, when M be TiWhen, prepare My(CxN1-x) raw material of powder is the compound powder and reducing agent of metal Ti powder or Ti and O, when M is Ta, systemStandby My(CxN1-x) raw material of powder is the compound powder and reducing agent of metal Ta powder or Ta and O, according to My(CxN1-x) powderChemical formula and it is raw materials used between chemical reaction, calculate preparation My(CxN1-x) powder raw material proportion and measure each originalMaterial;

    (2) mixing and dryingThe raw material that step (1) measures is put into ball mill, grinding sphere is added and wet grinding media carries out wet-milling, keeps raw material mixedIt closes uniformly, the additional amount of wet grinding media is limited with submerging the raw material and grinding sphere, and then sieving separating goes out to grind sphere and obtainPreparation M is dried to obtain in resulting mixed slurry by mixed slurryy(CxN1-x) powder mixed powder;

    (3) it is sinteredSintering uses push type dynamic sinter device, and the push type dynamic sinter device includes the charging for being successively connected and communicatingRoom (2), preheating chamber (4), reaction chamber (10), heat-insulating room (13) and cooling chamber (15) and load the anti-of material powder and reaction productYing Zhou (8), the push rod (1) of driving a reaction boat movement, the driving mechanism that push rod can be made to do reciprocating linear motion support feed compartment(2), the support frame (20) of preheating chamber (4), reaction chamber (10), heat-insulating room (13), cooling chamber (15) and driving mechanism;

    The chargingRoom (2) top is provided with feed opening and equipped with the cover board (3) of covering feed opening, and feed compartment end is provided with push rod manhole appendix;

    The locular wall of the preheating chamber is equipped with low-temperature heat device (6) and low temperature thermocouple (7), is provided with gas outlet (5);

    The reactionThe locular wall of room (10) is equipped with high-temperature heating device (11) and pyrometer couple (12);

    Be provided on the locular wall of the cooling chamber intoPort (17), discharge end are provided with baffle (19), and the locular wall of cooling chamber (15) is that sandwich forms annular cooling medium chamber, roomThe cooling medium entrance (18) communicated with the cooling medium chamber and cooling medium outlet (16) are provided on wall;

    Preheating chamber, reaction chamber and the cooling chamber of sintering equipment are the open system communicated with atmosphere, first with 0.1~8L/min'"'"'sGas flow rate is filled with nitrogenous gas into cooling chamber, reaction chamber and preheating chamber by the air inlet of cooling chamber, then by preheating chamberInterior temperature is heated to preheating temperature, will react indoor temperature and is heated to reaction temperature, keeps cooling chamber in running order, afterAfterwards the reaction boat separated in time for being mounted with mixed powder is put into feed space successively, and will intermittently be mounted with mixed powderThe reaction boat of material is at the uniform velocity promoted with the speed of 0.5m/h~1m/h to discharge port direction, is passing through the mixed powder reacted in boatTemperature is further dried and improved during preheating chamber, and reaction is completed after through reaction chamber and forms reaction product, makes to reactReaction product in boat is cooled to get M is arrived during by cooling chambery(CxN1-x) powder;

    The preheating temperature is 300~700 DEG C, reaction temperature is 1100~2000 DEG C.

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