A kind of G grades of oil-well cement and its processing technology

A kind of G grades of oil-well cement and its processing technology

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  • Filed: 06/18/2015
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1. a kind of processing technology of G grades of oil-well cement, which is characterized in that include the following steps:

  • (1) by lime stone, flyash, gangue, iron ore waste mining rock crosses 80 by weight grinding after mixing, control grinding finished productResidue on sieve≤

    18% of tm screen, obtains raw material;

    (2) it will mix and be homogenized after the raw material in step (1), the raw material being homogenized are preheated by 5 grades of precalciner systemsIt decomposes, the resolution ratio for controlling raw material is 93 ±

    1%, and clinker f-CaO is less than 1.0, and the raw material after decomposition, which are then put into cement, returnsIt is calcined at 1400 DEG C in converter, ensures that material is controlled in kiln residence time in 3.65 ±

    0.1r/min, calcine 20-22min,Using coal as fuel, the coal is arranged in pairs or groups with culm by 1;

    1 using elm god coal, and coal ash is fallen into after coal calcination for calciningAmount be 3.39%, participate in physics, chemical reaction, obtain partial melting material, make partial melting material with 50~70 DEG C/minCooling velocity be cooled to 60~100 DEG C, obtain oil-well cement clinker,The hair five-stage whirlwind precalcining system controls 860 ±

    5 DEG C of decomposition furnace outlet in pre- thermal decomposition process;

    The outlets C5 855±


    Material enters 850 ±

    5 DEG C of kiln temperature degree;

    1030 ±

    20 DEG C of smoke-box the temperature, ±

    50Pa of pressure -250;

    Wind-warm syndrome 880 ±

    30 three timesDEG C, ±

    the 100Pa of pressure -550;

    1050 ±

    30 DEG C of secondary air temperature, kiln head cover -30 ±

    10Pa of pressure,Silica is saturated the degree at tricalcium silicate by calcium oxide in clinker:


    0.91 ±

    0.02,The ratio of clinker silicate mineral and solvent mineral:


    2.60 ±

    0.1,Tricalcium aluminate content in clinker:


    2.0 ±

    0.5f-cao <

    , 1.0 liters weight >


    (3) oil-well cement clinker was stacked by 3-4 days and is cooled down, mixed again with gypsum after cooling, grinding, you can obtain G grades of oilThe specific surface area of well cement, the cement is 300-310m2/ kg, content of MgO are 1.5 ±


    SO3Content is 2.0 ±


    Free liquid hold-up is 4.8 ±


    Thickening time is 100-120min;

    38 DEG C, 8h strengths of cement be 4.4-5.1MPa;


    8h strengths of cement are 11.4-14.6MPa.

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