Preparation method for compound flame-retardant wood-plastic composite material

Preparation method for compound flame-retardant wood-plastic composite material

  • CN 104,987,743 A
  • Filed: 07/20/2015
  • Published: 10/21/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/20/2015
  • Status: Active Application
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1. a preparation method for compositional flame-retardant wood plastic composite, is characterized in that, comprises the steps:

  • S1,20g antimonous oxide will be housed, the stearic there-necked flask of 6g is placed in after in water-bath, heat treated to antimonous oxide and stearic acid melts, and adds the antimonous oxide slurry that concentration is 10%, be heated to 75 DEG C-95 DEG C, stirring reaction 45min, filters, dries, grinds, obtain modified sample;

    S2, the 1g modified sample getting step S1 gained mix with 5g aluminium hydroxide, 3g TCEP, 10g DOP, after 100mL acetone diluted, are placed in ultrasonic cell disruption instrument, ultrasonic disperse 20-40min, obtain compound flame retardant mixed solution;

    S3,40 object salix monogolica powder are placed in baking oven at 103-107 DEG C, are dried to over dry, for subsequent use;

    S4, by the ethanol of 95% and coupling agent KH-550 according to 5;

    1 dilution proportion mix after, be evenly sprayed on the dry wood powder surface of step S3 gained, and gained wood powder be placed in baking oven 24h at 83-87 DEG C, obtain modified wood powder;

    S5, the compound flame retardant mixed solution of gained is mixed with 40gPVC after, be placed in loft drier and carry out acetone removal process in 80 DEG C and obtain PVC-compositional flame-retardant agent composition;

    S6, by the PVC-compositional flame-retardant agent composition of gained and the modified wood powder of 60g gained and 1g thermo-stabilizer is mixing process 10-20min after, move into Flat pressure machine 180 DEG C, 12Mpa presses after 10min, taking-up is placed in Flat pressure machine coldmoulding, obtains flame-retardant wood-plastic composite material.

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