A kind of specific heat of liquid experimental measurement system

A kind of specific heat of liquid experimental measurement system

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  • Filed: 07/23/2015
  • Issued: 06/21/2019
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1. a kind of specific heat of liquid experimental measurement system, including heating system, temperature measurement system and error correction systems;

  • ItsIn, heating control system includes regulated power supply, switch, ammeter, voltmeter, heater strip accessory;

    Temperature measurement system packetInclude thermocouple, temperature acquisition device assembly;

    Error correction systems include blender fever amendment, system external cooling modification;

    The heating part of testing liquid is distributed four layers of heater strip from top to bottom, and blender is arranged in testing liquid intermediate region,Every layer of heater strip includes two groups of heater strips that blender two sides are arranged in;

    Specimen cup uses vacuum cup, arranges that four layers of thermocouple, every layer of thermocouple wrap from top to bottom at specimen cup inner wall 1mmThe edge thermocouple that specimen cup inner wall is set and the central point thermocouple being arranged in the middle part of specimen cup are included, is formd in specimen cupHeart thermocouple temperature measuring apparatus, and be connected with ambient temperature acquisition device;

    On the biggish two factor blenders fever of experimental result, system radiating progress error correction is influenced in experiment, by rightDifferent classes of testing liquid and temperature rise situation carries out calibration analysis with the corresponding Error Correction Factors of determination, to experimental result intoRow amendment;

    Testing liquid is stirred by blender at experiment initial stage, central point thermocouple and edge thermocouple continuously monitor sampleTemperature is corrected as initial stage;

    Heater strip is heated by regulated power supply testing the main phase, and is measured by voltmeter, ammeter, voltage U, electric current I;

    Heater strip be evenly heated disconnecting after a period of time τ and

    be switched to testing liquid;

    Therebetween, blender stirs testing liquidIt mixes, and records mixing time τ


    Real time temperature measurement is carried out to testing liquid by the thermocouple on heating temperature measurement structure simultaneously and transmits numberAccording to temperature acquisition system with unified comparative observation so that it is determined that the temperature rise Δ

    t of liquid;

    Latter stage is tested, monitoring center'"'"'s point and marginal point temperature change are continued, error revision is carried out to experimental result;

    The blender calorific value that power is P is corrected, since the viscosity of different fluid is different, the blender in whipping processCalorific value has difference;

    So being carried out testing determining modifying factor according to the fluid to be measured of different viscosities for blender calorific valueSub- α

    , finally to determine the calorific value of blender;

    System radiating is corrected, it can be with standard calibration object to different temperature rise situationsDemarcated the specific heat capacity calculation formula that testing liquid is finally obtained to determine system radiating factor-beta are as follows;

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