Grey water toilet

Grey water toilet

  • CN 104,995,359 A
  • Filed: 09/05/2013
  • Published: 10/21/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/06/2012
  • Status: Active Application
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1. be configured to the toilet be communicated with drainage pipe fluid, described knapsack contains:

  • Water tank, the first supply water remains on wherein by it;

    Urinal, it has entrance and exit, and wherein said entrance is communicated with described radiator fluid, so that described urinal is configured to receive described first supply water;

    WithPassage, its inlet opening that there is first end, the second end and be provided between described first end and described second end,Wherein said first end is communicated with the described outlet fluid of described urinal,Wherein said second end is configured to be communicated with described drainage pipe fluid;

    AndWherein said passage is configured to receive the second supply water by described inlet opening during flushing cycle.

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