Pesticide pump type longhorn beetle killing apparatus

Pesticide pump type longhorn beetle killing apparatus

  • CN 104,996,235 A
  • Filed: 07/17/2015
  • Published: 10/28/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/17/2015
  • Status: Active Application
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1. Teat pipette formula longicorn kills a device, it is characterized in that:

  • this device is connected to form by chassis (1), Teat pipette (2), woven hose (3) and syringe needle (4);

    The motor-vehicle chassis that can walk on the ground is selected on chassis (1), and chassis (1) is provided with explosive barrel (5), and explosive barrel (5) is for holding the container of liquid, and explosive barrel (5) and chassis (1) are fixedly linked integral;

    Chassis (1) is provided with Teat pipette (2), and Teat pipette (2) adopts self-powered agricultural Teat pipette, and the base of Teat pipette (2) is fixed on chassis (1);

    Connect the pipette (6) between explosive barrel (5) and Teat pipette (2), enable liquid enter in Teat pipette (2) from explosive barrel (5);

    Teat pipette (2) is connected with some woven hoses (3), and every root woven hose (3) adopts one section of flexible pipe to make, and every root woven hose (3) is connected with switch (7) and joint (8);

    Described switch (7) and joint (8) adopt and Teat pipette 2 is supporting carries original paper;

    At the upper connecting needle (4) of the joint (8) of every root woven hose (3), syringe needle (4) is a hollow tubular body with tapering;

    The trunk of syringe needle (4) can be got in the hole (10) of trunk (9);

    Be provided with screw thread (11) in the outside of syringe needle (4), ready-made syringe needle (4) its nose shape is identical with thread tapping;

    Be connected with symmetrical flank (12) at the afterbody two ends of syringe needle (4), the global shape and the butterfly screws that connect the syringe needle (4) of flank (12) are alike;

    Be connected with one section of hollow silk post (13) in the rear end tails of the flank (12) of syringe needle (4), this post (13) can be connected as a body with supporting the closing of above-mentioned joint (8);

    During use, first the switch (7) of woven hose (3) is closed, the joint (8) of syringe needle (4) with woven hose (3) is turned on, in the hole (10) that the eminence longicorn that syringe needle (4) is inserted into trunk (9) is pecked, utilize flank (12) rotary needle (4) head, make the screw thread of syringe needle (4) (11) enter in the hole (10) of trunk (9);

    Restore the afterbody connection status of woven hose (3) and syringe needle (4);

    The liquid that can kill longicorn is injected in explosive barrel (5), opens Teat pipette (2) to liquid pressurization, makes liquid be injected in the hole (10) of trunk (9) by woven hose (3), syringe needle (4);

    When the hole (10) seeing on trunk (9) has liquid to flow out, this hole (10) is knocked the stopper (14) be inserted in hole (10) with hammer, with this, whole holes (10) on trunk (9) are shut one by one;

    The larva of longicorn is also just poisoning in hole and died.

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