The Raymond mill device of blower not dust accumulation

The Raymond mill device of blower not dust accumulation

  • CN 104,998,744 B
  • Filed: 08/14/2015
  • Issued: 03/26/2019
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/14/2015
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. a kind of Raymond mill device of blower not dust accumulation, including Raymond mill, cyclonic separation discharger, blower and equal pressure gas branchPipe, it is characterised in that;

  • Blower, Raymond mill, cyclonic separation discharger and return-air air hose constitute airflow circulating milling discharge system;

    ?Pressure gas branch pipe connects cyclone pipe upper end, the multiple cyclones of setting in cyclone pipe, the tangentially connected cyclone separator in cyclone pipe lower end,The air of exhaust outlet discharge purification on cyclone separator, lower nozzle, which immerses under circulating water pool liquid level, realizes fluid-tight discharging, recirculated waterPond connects cyclone pipe upper end through circulating pump with circulating water pipe;

    The blower includes draught fan impeller and casing, and draught fan impeller includes leafTake turns backboard, impeller panel and blade, blade arrangement radial, centrosymmetric hollow anti-water-drop-shaped at impeller shaft;

    Hollow drop of turning one'"'"'s coatShape blade connection impeller panel is simultaneously welded to form impeller bodies with impeller backboard;

    It is logical that impeller panel is equipped with air inlet, impeller backboardRivet fixed simultaneously connection shaft seat, axle bed is crossed to be cooperatively connected by axis hole and fan shaft;

    Casing is equipped with air inlet and air outlet,Cabinet form contour line is involute, and the round heart of involute is overlapped with blower axle center, involute is on the inside of the shell air outlet,Scribing line radius is gradually increased with involute circle, is terminated to shell air outlet outside, shell air outlet width is equal to involute circumferenceIt is long;

    Shell air inlet is equipped with cover board, also has air inlet convenient for connecting pipe on cover board, and axle center and impeller axle center are overlapped;

    It is describedReturn-air air hose is equipped with blower connection entrance is isolated temporary storage barrel, and isolation temporary storage barrel is equipped with gravity bin gate;

    Under the gravity bin gateSide is equipped with powder temporary storage barrel, and powder temporary storage barrel is equipped with valve and discharge gate;

    The hollow anti-water-drop-shaped blade is by two panels curved surfaceMetal soldering group synthesis, and there is symmetrical streamline shape.

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