Preparation method for steel structure fire bricks

Preparation method for steel structure fire bricks

  • CN 105,000,895 A
  • Filed: 07/20/2015
  • Published: 10/28/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/20/2015
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1. a preparation method for steel structure fireproofing brick, is characterized in that concrete preparation process is:

  • (1) by mass percentage, choose the soft kaolin of 70 ~ 75%, 25 ~ 30% milli hole volcanics materials carry out mixing it are pulverized into 300 ~ 350 object kaolin volcanics mixed powders by high pressure rolling device, kaolin volcanics powder mix water is reconciled into the powder slurry that solid weight accounts for 80%, die cavity put into by the powder slurry above-mentioned mediation completed, and dries in the air and carry out demoulding process after half-dried;

    (2) carry out repaired biscuit to the sun-dried mud brick after the demoulding, the mixing sun-dried mud brick thickness after reparation is the hollow structure of 20mm, simultaneously inside and outside smooth surface, and internal structure length, width and height are respectively 150 ×

    50 ×

    10mm, and bottom has a diameter to be the circular hole of 10mm;

    (3) carry out airing outside the sun-dried mud brick holding chamber after being completed by repaired biscuit, after its complete drying, obtain the mixing sun-dried mud brick of hollow structure, subsequently to glazing inside and outside it, ensure that the glazing of outer wall inwall is even, leave standstill after glazing completes dry for subsequent use;

    (4) by CaCO 3undertaken being rolled into 200 ~ 250 object CaCO by high pressure rolling device 3powder, is inserted in hollow structure, ensures CaCO 3powder fills up in whole hollow structure, simultaneously with kaolin powder slurry sealing circular hole;

    (5) by above-mentioned injection CaCO 3the mixing sun-dried mud brick of powder is transported in ceramic sintering kiln to be fired, and sintering temperature is 1200 DEG C, after the firing time reaches 24 hours, takes out subsequently, dries, and obtains the steel structure fireproofing brick with fire-proof function.

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