A kind of concrete circular pole and preparation method thereof

A kind of concrete circular pole and preparation method thereof

  • CN 105,016,670 B
  • Filed: 04/29/2014
  • Issued: 01/25/2019
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/29/2014
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1. a kind of concrete circular pole, which is characterized in that the concrete circular pole by very-high performance powder concrete andSteel mesh composition, the very-high performance powder concrete are made of the following recipe ingredient of following parts by weight:

  • 500-650 parts of portland cement;

    140-160 parts of silicon powder;

    80-95 parts of miberal powder;

    1250-1400 parts of river sand;

    18-22 parts of high efficiency water reducing agent;

    135-160 parts of water;

    0.4-0.6 parts of polypropylene fibre;

    90-150 parts of steel fibre,The steel mesh of the concrete circular pole is with a thickness of 8-10 ㎜

    , between the circumferential muscle at the steel mesh both ends 50-100cmAway from for 10-30cm, remaining position circumferential direction muscle spacing is 40-80cm;

    The preparation method of the concrete circular pole, includes the following steps;

    Each component is weighed by the formula of above-mentioned concrete circular pole;

    Steel fibre, polypropylene fibre, river sand are carried out at mixingAfter reason, portland cement, silicon powder, miberal powder is added and forms mixed material after further mixing, is added into the mixed material highIt imitates water-reducing agent and water forms very-high performance powder concrete;

    Above-mentioned very-high performance powder concrete is uniformly distributed by material distributing machineIt is in 8-12 millimeters of steel mesh concurrent molds in protective layer thickness, it is quiet to stop 1-2 hours using the closely knit molding of centrifuging processAfterwards, it being placed in steam curing kiln and heats up, maintenance thermostat temperature is 85-95 DEG C, after conserving maintenance in 6-12 hours, demoulding;

    The concrete circular pole wall thickness is 20-40mm, and electric pole taper is 1/85-1/65, and electric pole length is 5-12m;

    The concrete circular pole has preferable electric pole tear factor, bar top amount of deflection a0sWhen <

    116mm, loading is extremelyDeflecting test when 100% is 61mm, bar top amount of deflection a0sWhen <

    580mm, deflecting test when loading is to 200% is 189mm.

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