A kind of pressure detection system and its calibration method with automatic calibration function

A kind of pressure detection system and its calibration method with automatic calibration function

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  • Filed: 08/26/2015
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1. a kind of pressure detection system with automatic calibration function, which is characterized in that stored including error writing module, errorModule and error read module, and the error information that error writing module obtains periodically is stored to error memory module, errorModule calls error information is read, the pressure values of actual measurement add the error information, as exact pressure value;

  • The error writing module specifically;

    Single-chip microcontroller control standard gas source pressurizes simultaneously to pressure transducer and normal pressure sensor, the normal pressure sensorPressure measurement is transmitted to single-chip microcontroller, the pressure transducer is through signal amplifying and conditioning circuit, by interface circuit by pressureMeasured value is transmitted to single-chip microcontroller, and the single-chip microcontroller is according to the pressure transducer and the normal pressure sensor receivedPressure measurement calculates error between the two;

    The error memory module specifically;

    The single-chip microcontroller from which further follows that error information, the error that the single-chip microcontroller will obtain according to error between the twoIt is continuously written into storage unit by interface circuit, with the variation of standard gas source output pressure, the storage unit is storedAll error informations between the pressure transducer and the normal pressure sensor;

    The error reads module specifically;

    The error information stored in the pressure measurement reference memory unit of the pressure transducer can be obtained the pressure and passThe exact pressure value that sensor should be measured;

    The single-chip microcontroller makes the output pressure of the standard gas source in the pressure transducer by controlling gas source control circuitMeasurement range periodically changes;

    During sensor module is manufactured, calibrate in the following ways;

    Pressure transducer and normal pressure sensor are connected into standard gas source simultaneously, single-chip microcontroller controls standard gas source to pressure sensingDevice and normal pressure sensor pressurize simultaneously, and MCU obtains pressure transducer and normal pressure sensor to standard pressure pressureSimultaneously error between the two is calculated in measurement result, in which;

    normal pressure sensor is by the pressure biography as calibration functionSensor and signal amplifying and conditioning circuit integration composition, therefore undesired signal amplifies;

    But the signal that pressure transducer detectsMCU is sent to through interface circuit after then needing signal amplifying and conditioning circuit to amplify;

    The interface circuit is that connecting line is either arrangedThe combination of line and socket contact pin;

    Since sample magnitude is too many and initial value is indefinite, obtained error amount be often multiple groups numerical value orMultiple groups numerical value or difference are obtained one group of slope as error information, it may be assumed that MCU samples mark simultaneously by person'"'"'s difference after MCU is calculatedAfter sampling, normal pressure sensor and pressure transducer is calculated in the value of quasi- pressure transducer and pressure transducerError, and convert error to the data being made of zero point value and multiple groups linearity slope, storage is saved in by interface circuitStorage in device, after the output pressure of standard gas source changes a cycle in the measurement range of pressure module, in pressure moduleDevice is all error informations stored in the period between pressure transducer and normal pressure sensor;

    Standard gas source is by the solenoid valve block of a pressure pump, pressure vessel and an output pressure at by using e-mailNumber control mode, gently adjust the pressure values of output;

    The pressure adjustable range of standard gas source in pressure detection system is 0~100KPa, and adjusting step-length is 1KPa, standard gas sourceA cycle refer to the process of that output pressure is gradually increased to maximum value by 0, maximum value therein is to set according to the actual situationIt is set to the arbitrary value less than 100KPa;

    Calibration circuit mainly includes by MCU, high-precision normal pressure sensor and gas source control circuit and is gas source controlThe accessory power supply of circuit power supply processed;

    The accessory power supply is 12V DC or the alternating current of 220V, is determined by gas source;

    It is realizingWhen its function of calibrating automatically, regulating time is minimum to be reduced to less than 1min, and the operation batch adjusted carries out;

    MCU control gas source control circuit makes standard gas source output pressure, stops or starts defeated by the key being set on MCUOut, the pressure values of output are observed in real time by display screen, pressure transducer to be calibrated is after signal amplifies and high-precision markQuasi- pressure transducer measures the pressure respectively and it is transmitted to MCU by interface circuit, and MCU calculates pressure transducer and markMemory is written by interface circuit by the error information that pressure error obtains in pressure error between quasi- pressure transducer;

    The pressure detection system is mainly used for needing accurately detecting the automatic control occasion of atmospheric pressure;

    In practical projects, storage unit of the memory as error information, directly output number are replaced using the MCU of low costSignal.

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