SiC crystal and wafer cut from crystal with low dislocation density

SiC crystal and wafer cut from crystal with low dislocation density

  • CN 105,051,268 A
  • Filed: 12/20/2013
  • Published: 11/11/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/05/2013
  • Status: Active Application
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1. be transported to method crystal seed being formed SiC crystal by gas phase, described method comprises:

  • A. silicon and source of carbon atoms are placed in crystal vessel, wherein said silicon and source of carbon atoms are for being transported to described crystal seed to grow described SiC crystal;

    B. described crystal seed is placed in described crystal vessel, and described crystal seed is supported on the shelf in described crystal vessel and does not make described crystal seed physical attachment in any part of described crystal vessel;

    C. being placed in by lid on described container makes described lid not contact described crystal seed, and described crystal vessel is placed in vacuum oven;

    D. emptying described stove set up inert gas flow, and control pressure is at the value place of >

    79kPa (>

    600 holds in the palm);

    E. described stove is heated to 2,000 DEG C to about 2, the temperature of 500 DEG C;

    F. described stove is emptied to the pressure of 1.3kPa to about 13kPa (10 holders are to about 100 holders);

    G. by described pressure-controlling in 0.013kPa to 13kPa (0.1 holder to 100 holder);

    H. maintain described stove to support crystal growth, thus form described SiC crystal, in whole crystal growing process, prevent described crystal seed from contacting described lid simultaneously.

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