A kind of method for culturing seedlings promoting pittosporum tobira salt resistance ability

A kind of method for culturing seedlings promoting pittosporum tobira salt resistance ability

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  • Filed: 09/01/2015
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1. a kind of method for culturing seedlings for promoting pittosporum tobira salt resistance ability, it is characterised in that carry out as follows:

  • (1);

    seed training stage;

    The selection of 1.1 provenances;

    selecting the primary seed caused by the plant on seashore, acquires mature seed in autumn and winter;

    1.2 presoaking and germinatings;

    harvesting and storing after the seed of acquisition is dried in the shade naturally, in spring sowing before by seed be soaked in vegetation buck or24 hours in sodium bicarbonate, the red colloid for removing the surface of the seed is rubbed with the hands, clean, then seed is placed in the salting liquid of various concentrationIt soaks seed, seed per jin adds 500ml salting liquid, and temperature is maintained between 20-30 DEG C when seed soaking;

    Salinity and soaking time are as follows when seed soaking;

    salting liquid of salinity 0-2 is soaked seed 2-3 hours;

    salting liquid of salinity 2-4 is soaked seed 2-3 hours;

    The seed soaking of ‰

    salting liquid of salinity 4-62-3 hours;

    salting liquid of salinity 6-8 is soaked seed 2-3 hours;

    1.3 sowings;

    being sowed at seedbed for the seed after seed soaking with the spacing point of line-spacing 25-30cm, spacing in the rows 5cm, and seedbed need to take cool canopy,It keeps soil aeration permeable, generally germinates in 1-2 months,(2) seedbed breeding phase;

    2.1 small seedling stages;

    Start small seedling stage exercise when seedling there are 5 ~ 10 leaves, the salting liquid of salinity 2-4 ‰

    is poured in the rainy day, irrigation amount control is being pouredThoroughly, poured once every two weeks, control in soil salt content no more than 4 ‰

    , using atomisation device by salinity 18-22 ‰

    salting liquid is sprayed on the seedbed seedbed Mei ㎡

    , sprinkling about 280-320 ml salting liquid, and each spray is primary sooner or later;

    2.2 big seedling stages;

    The next spring, by seedling transplanting in nutrient bag, outdoor cultivation, compost requires venting and water permeable, starts to grow to nursery stockAnd young shoot terminates beginning salt tolerant exercise after growth, pours salting liquid 1 time that salinity is 4-6 ‰

    into planting soil every 2 weeks, often poursMust be saturating, until seedling pours fresh water when micro- listless, use atomising device that salinity is atomized on morning pair for the formation of the salting liquid of 25-35 ‰

    weeklySeedling carries out sprinkling , Mei ㎡

    foliage spray 190-210ml salting liquid, if after spraying being fine day, and when wilting situation occurs in blade,Spray fresh water slow seedling is carried out, big Salt Tolerance at Seedling Stage exercise period is at least 4 months or more;

    2.3 being out of the garden.

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