Solid state fermentation-based hawthorn fruit wine brewing technology

Solid state fermentation-based hawthorn fruit wine brewing technology

  • CN 105,062,849 A
  • Filed: 08/04/2015
  • Published: 11/18/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/04/2015
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1. based on a Howthorn Wine making method for solid state fermentation, it is characterized in that:

  • the key step brewageed is;

    (1) screen;

    select Fructus Crataegi full, fruit surface is without the fresh fruit of disease and pest;

    (2) wash;

    adopt 25-35 DEG C of warm water washing fruit surface, then remove sepal and fruit stone;

    Need after haw pulp stoning to process by the deodorizing alcohol of 3-5%, add the SO of 70-90mg/L simultaneously 2suppress harmful miscellaneous bacteria;

    (3) pull an oar;

    carry out making beating process with the fruit of centrifugal juicer to washing stoning, during making beating, separate pulp and pomace two portions;

    (4) sugaring stirs evenly;

    the pulp after making beating and pomace carry out sugaring process respectively, regulates two portions pol to be 10% ~ 12%, adds a certain amount of citric acid in pulp and pomace simultaneously, regulates acidity to maintain 3.0 ~ 4.5;

    (5) solid state fermentation;

    A () fruit wine yeast activates;

    by being 1-3;

    5000 with pulp and pomace weight ratio, Angel highly active dry yeast is placed in beaker, adds 38 DEG C of warm water, and continues stirring until abundant dissolving, maintains 30 DEG C and activates 15-30min, complete the activation of yeast;

    B () auxiliary enzymes adds;

    polygalacturonase is joined pulp and pomace in the ratio of weight 1-2;

    1000 in weight ratio 1-2;

    500, pomace in pulp, is stirred to abundant dissolving, churning time is 30-40min;

    A small amount of cellulase is added by the weight ratio of 1-3;


    C () Primary Fermentation;

    the Angel highly active dry yeast after activation adds in pulp and pomace, and fully stirs 30-40min, keeps fermentor tank to be in opened condition, maintains 24-30h after fully mixing;

    The pot temperature of fermentor tank is kept to be 25-30 DEG C therebetween;

    Keep inner air tube and the external world fully to exchange within 24-30h, yeast can fully be bred by aerobic, and need after 24-30h to close fermentor tank, prevent now fermented liquid and contacting external air, carry out anaerobic fermentation, the time of anaerobic fermentation is 4 ~ 5 days;

    (d) secondary fermentation;

    the fermented liquid in fermentation later stage pulp or pomace will at fermenter base, and pulp and pomace cake layer will swim in above fermented liquid, now need to carry out a can opening process every 4-6h, and the can opening time is 10-20min;

    (6) filter;

    after fermentation ends, fermented liquid and fermentation cake layer are divided into significantly two-layer, slowly remove cake layer, carry out press filtration, filtering fermented liquid wherein;

    And fine filtering is carried out to fermented liquid in tank, the fermented wine comparatively clarified after filtration;

    (7) freezing;

    the fermented wine initial stage can produce some peculiar smell, the sharp aroma that such as acetaldehyde produces, the former wine after needing filtration carries out freezing treatment, and fermented wine keeps 24h at permanent low temperature 5 DEG C ~ 6 DEG C;

    (8) distill;

    the former wine after freezing needs to take out standing normal temperature 6-8h, adopt Charente kettle formula distillation plant to distill fermented wine, obtain hawthorn distillation fruit wine, when distillation temperature is 170 DEG C to 190 DEG C;

    (9) sterilization;

    adopt pasteurizing device to carry out germicidal treatment.(10) filling;

    the hawthorn distillation fruit wine after sterilizing is carried out filling one-tenth bottle.

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