A kind of rapid detection method of psoralen and isopsorapen

A kind of rapid detection method of psoralen and isopsorapen

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  • Filed: 09/18/2015
  • Issued: 01/22/2019
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1. a kind of rapid detection method of psoralen and isopsorapen, it is characterised in that:

  • the following steps are included;

    1) it accurately weighs psoralea corylifolia or 0.01~1mg of its compound preparation obtains sample, sample is added in pyrolysis cup;

    2) sample being added in pyrolysis cup is measured using fast pyrogenation-gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer (GC-MS);

    3) after step

         2), according to the original chromatographic data and mass spectrometric data of measurement, psoralen and different benefit in qualitative sampleThe chromatographic peak of bone fat element, and obtain the relative amount of psoralen and isopsorapen in sample;

    The condition of the pyrolysis are as follows;

    pyrolysis temperature is 200~400 DEG C, and pyrolysis time is 0.1~2min;

    The operating condition of the gas-chromatography are as follows;

    carrier gas is the helium of 0.1~4.0mL/min of flow velocity, and split ratio is 0~500;

    1,Temperature program are as follows;

    initial temperature be 40-60 DEG C, and keep 0~1min, then rise to 150 DEG C with 30-35 DEG C/min, then with10-15 DEG C/min rises to 300 DEG C;

    The mass spectrographic operating condition are as follows;

    use the source EI, positive ion detection, electron energy is 40~80eV, and ion source temperature is210~240 DEG C, single level four bars temperature is 140~180 DEG C, and scanning mode is full scan mode, and electron multiplier voltage is 1070~3000V, solvent delay are 0~3min.

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