A kind of data sharing method and device

A kind of data sharing method and device

  • CN 105,142,098 B
  • Filed: 08/19/2015
  • Issued: 10/25/2019
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/19/2015
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1. a kind of data sharing method, which is characterized in that the method is applied in the first electronic equipment, and first electronics is setIt is stored with multi-medium data in standby, and first electronic equipment can be communicated at least one the second electronic equipment, instituteThe method of stating includes:

  • The first link information is sent to second electronic equipment by the first communication module in first electronic equipment,Wherein, first link information includes the first mac address information of the first electronic equipment and the 2nd MAC of the second electronic equipmentAddress information, wherein second electronic equipment includes near-field communication module, the first communication module includes near-field communication mouldBlock, first electronic equipment and second electronic equipment are by respective near-field communication module exchange the first MACLocation information and the second mac address information;

    After receiving the connection request including third mac address information that second electronic equipment is sent, when the connectionThe third mac address information in request matches with first mac address information and receives the second electronic equipment hairWhen the second certification sent passes through response, the second communication mould in first electronic equipment is passed through based on first link informationThe first wireless data channel is established between block and second electronic equipment;

    Wherein, the connection request is used to indicate the second electricitySub- equipment wishes to establish the first wireless data channel with the first electronic equipment, and wherein, second certification is by responseSecond electronic equipment judges first electronics after receiving the connection request that first electronic equipment is sentIt the mac address information that carries and is sent in the matched situation of the first mac address information in the connection request that equipment is sent,The second communication module includes WiFi communication module or bluetooth module;

    Based on after establishing the first wireless data channel between first link information and second electronic equipment, from describedThe multi-medium data is obtained in first electronic equipment;

    There is the second electronic equipment of first wireless data channel to send multi-medium data output order to foundation, wherein describedThe multi-medium data is carried in multi-medium data output order, and is used to indicate to receive the multi-medium data and export and be referred toThe second electronic equipment enabled directly exports the multi-medium data without storing the multi-medium data.

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