Preparation method of powder for end cover of air condition compressor

Preparation method of powder for end cover of air condition compressor

  • CN 105,149,572 A
  • Filed: 09/02/2015
  • Published: 12/16/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/02/2015
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1. a preparation method for compressor of air conditioner end cap powder, is characterized in that comprising the following steps;

  • (1) raw material prepares;

    described raw material by mass ratio be the iron scale of 90-100;





    0.1-0.13, coke powder, agstone, flue dust, aluminium dihydrogen phosphate, trimethylolpropane form,(weight portion is inappropriate, and direct superincumbent ratio is revised, and reducing agent is not exactly coke powder)The chemical composition of described iron scale is;

    TFe >

    =72%, Si≤

    0.35%, Mn0≤

    0.40%, P≤

    0.03%, hydrochloric acid insoluble substance≤


    Described coke powder chemical analysis;


    16%, fixed carbon >


    CaO >

    =50% in described agstone;

    The preparation method of described raw material comprises the following steps;

    Trimethylolpropane is joined in the ethanolic solution of 40-50 times of 30-45%, after stirring, add aluminium dihydrogen phosphate, flue dust, insulated and stirred 10-20 minute at 90-100 DEG C, distillation, slough solution, wash 2-3 time, mix with agstone, coke powder, drying, ball milling is even, fineness≤


    Dried at 500-600 DEG C by iron scale, ball milling is even, crosses 30-40 mesh sieve;

    (2) just reduce;

    by above-mentioned ready raw material tinning, heating, until temperature is 1140-1160 DEG C, keeps said temperature reduction treatment 48-50 hour, is cooled to 100-200 DEG C;

    (3) essence reduction;

    the material after just reduction is carried out successively jaw and break, hammer broken, Raymond machine mill into shape, then carry out magnetic separation, sent in reduction furnace by the material after magnetic separation, logical hydrogen carries out reduction treatment, and gas usage is 20-50Nm 3/ kg, hydrogen purity is 99.99%, successively through preheating zone, zone of reduction, salband, described preheating zone temperature is 750-900 DEG C, zone of reduction temperature is 940-960 DEG C, and salband temperature is 900-760 DEG C, then anneals, annealing temperature is 580-600 DEG C, and annealing time is 120-130 minute;

    (4) muffin after essence being reduced carries out that solution is broken, screening, magnetic separation, classification, obtain described compressor of air conditioner end cap powder.

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