Calcium carbide production Intelligent transport cooling system

Calcium carbide production Intelligent transport cooling system

  • CN 105,151,702 B
  • Filed: 07/03/2015
  • Issued: 08/24/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/03/2015
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. calcium carbide production Intelligent transport cooling system, including a closed loop rail system, some set chain devices, some set stone pot dollies, the automatic shutter mould calcium carbide pot of some cuff mechanical locking devices, a set of automation control system, it is characterized in that, described rail system comprises stove district track and cooling track, arranging around furnace of calcium carbide, stove district track and cooling track form a closed loop;

  • Stove district track is provided with stone pot dolly guide position limiter;

    Straightway position, cooling zone is provided with die sinking track and mold closing track;

    Described die sinking track is downward slope track, and mold closing track is acclivity track;

    Arranging N row stone pot dolly on the track of described rail system, each column calcium carbide pot dolly group is made up of the stone pot dolly of the n platform special connection of head and the tail;

    Immediately below two track centres of rail system, foundation pit lining puts M set actuating device, actuator drives calcium carbide pot dolly group is walked at track system uplink, quantity M of actuating device is relevant with the total length L of each column stone pot dolly, it is ensured that each column stone pot dolly all has two set actuating devices to simultaneously drive in any position;

    Described actuating device includes reducing motor, transmission base, shaft coupling, drive sprocket, with tensioner by movable sprocket, driving chain, chain guide rail, a closed loop chain structure is formed by driving chain with driven sprocket by movable sprocket, chain is three row chains, side two row and principal and subordinate'"'"'s movable sprocket engaged transmission, a middle row and driven half sprocket engagement being arranged on bottom every socle pot dolly, driven half sprocket wheel is provided with the backstop forbidding rotating, the angle of a pitch of teeth envelope can only be rotated in positive and negative two rotation directions of circumference, play cushioning effect, the output torque axis of reducing motor is become the push-pull effort driving stone pot dolly to advance or retreat by chain and half sprocket engagement, realize stone pot dolly even running in orbit.

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