Text display method and system

Text display method and system

  • CN 105,159,868 A
  • Filed: 09/01/2015
  • Published: 12/16/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/01/2015
  • Status: Active Application
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1. a text display method, is characterized in that, comprises the steps:

  • Obtain language switching instruction, obtain the target language needing the current text content in text display area to switch to according to described language switching instruction;

    According to described target language, language switching is carried out to described current text content, obtain the target text content after switching;

    If obtain in conjunction with described target text content and current font size the dimension information showing described target text content desired zone;

    Judge that described text display area whether can the described target text content of complete display according to described dimension information;

    If not, then current font size is deducted after predetermined font size reduces step-length and upgrade current font size, return the step of the dimension information of target text content described in described combination and the described target text content desired zone of current font size acquisition display;

    If so, then described target text content is shown according to current font size.

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