The automatic inhalator jar of single head formula single action

The automatic inhalator jar of single head formula single action

  • CN 105,173,427 B
  • Filed: 07/23/2015
  • Issued: 10/08/2019
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/10/2014
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. a kind of automatic inhalator jar of single head formula single action (100), it is characterised in that:

  • the automatic inhalator jar includes;

    Inhalator jar ontology (102) is divided into upper end (106) and lower end (104), is injected with and adds in inhalator jar ontology (102)It calms the anger body, is formed on the bottom wall of the lower end (104) of the inhalator jar ontology (102) towards the convex of upper end (106) protrusionPortion;

    Valve pocket (108);

    Liner (110) comprising have suction pipe (112) and the cross-blade (114) around suction pipe (112);

    Pre-separation portion (116) is located at the bottom (118) of liner (110), is installed in the lower end of inhalator jar ontology (102)(104);

    Dipping tube (120), for drawing and spraying mixing liquid in inhalator jar ontology (102);

    The upper end (106) of inhalator jar ontology (102) is equipped with valve rod (124), outer washer (126), inner washer (128), valveFixed lid (130), reset spring (132) and nozzle (134);

    The valve mounting cap (130) and the liner (110) upper endIt is tightly connected, the valve pocket (108) and valve mounting cap (130) are tightly connected and are located at liner (110) inside;

    The valve rod(124) be mounted on the valve pocket (108) upper end and be exposed to valve mounting cap (130), the valve rod (124) in inverse-T-shaped,The outer washer (126) and inner washer (128) are separately positioned on the upper and lower end face of the inverted " t " shape bottom surface of the valve rod (124),And the bottom end of the valve rod (124) and dipping tube (120) are rigidly connected, the lower section of the inner washer (128), the dipping tube(120) reset spring (132) are equipped with inside peripheral and described valve pocket (108);

    The liner (110) is marked with chemical agent A, and the inhalator jar ontology (102) injects chemical agent B;

    Two kinds of chemical agents are combined intoFor mixing liquid;

    Wherein, the dipping tube (120) is configured to function as mandril, and mandril triggering inner washer (128) moves pre-separation portion (116)To the one side wall of inhalator jar ontology (102), while pre-separation portion (116) are mobile, cross-blade (114) bottom end and pre-separationPortion (116) contacts and opens pre-separation portion (116), is detached from pre-separation portion (116) and liner (110), by the chemicalsMatter A is released from liner (110) to the inhalator jar ontology (102);

    The suction pipe (112) assigned in liner (110) passes through single action while realizing in inhalator jar ontology (102) interior mixed chemicalAgent A and chemical agent B forms mixing liquid, and draws from inhalator jar ontology (102) and spray the mixing liquid.

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