Papermaking wastewater treatment process

Papermaking wastewater treatment process

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  • Filed: 10/13/2015
  • Published: 12/23/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/13/2015
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1. a paper-making effluent treating process, it comprises the steps:

  • (1) MUCT device is built;

    MUCT is made up of 5 functional zone;

    hydrolysis acidification pool, pre-anoxic pond, anaerobic pond, anoxic pond, Aerobic Pond;

    Whipping appts is provided with in anoxic pond and anaerobic pond, one group of compounded mix is placed suspension bed in anoxic pond and anaerobic pond water-in, it is suspension bed that hydrolysis acidification pool water outlet and water inlet respectively place one group of compounded mix, places 4 groups of compounded mixs suspension bed, place sudden and violent gas equipment bottom pond in Aerobic Pond;

    Short lactobacillus (Lactobacillusbreris), alicyclic acid genus bacillus (AlicyclobacilusWistzkey) is inoculated in hydrolysis acidification pool, pH=4.9 ~ 5.5, temperature;

    25 DEG C ~ 28 DEG C, sludge retention time is 8d, short lactobacillus and alicyclic acid genus bacillus are acidophilic bacteria, all can survive in acid condition, and larger molecular organics of degrading;

    Pre-anoxic pond, anoxic pond inoculation wax genus bacillus (BacillusCereus), sweetfish pseudomonas (Pseudomonaplecoylossicida), temperature 30 DEG C ~ 33 DEG C, pH=6.5 ~ 7.4, sludge retention time is 8d, wax genus bacillus and sweetfish pseudomonas are facultative anaerobe, denitrification can be carried out, for sewage carries out denitrogenation;

    Anaerobic pond inoculation ethanol thermophilc anaerobe (Thermoanaerobacterethanlicus) temperature 39 DEG C ~ 45 DEG C, pH=6.5 ~ 7.4 are strictly anaerobic bacterium, and sludge retention time is 8d, can under the condition of strictly anaerobic degradation of organic substances, by waste water through carrying out denitrogenation dephosphorizing;

    Gastral cavity silk yeast (Candidautilis), the red bacterium of fixed nitrogen (Rhodobacterazotoformans), Bacillus subtilis subspecies (Bacillussubtilissubsp.subtilis) are produced in Aerobic Pond inoculation, temperature;

    22 DEG C ~ 27 DEG C, pH=7.2 ~ 7.9, sludge retention time is 8d, degradation of organic substances ability is strong, reduce the COD of waste water, improve effluent characteristics;

    Compounded mix is suspension bed arranges four bundle conjugated fibre silk bio-carriers for described often group;

    Described conjugated fibre silk bio-carrier is formed;

    Outside sandwich;

    the screen cloth of activated carbon fiber and polypropylene fibre mixing, braided glass fibre silk endless loop on screen cloth;

    Inner core;

    blend fiber silk gimp, flax silk and trevira silk are woven into gimp;

    Described conjugated fibre silk bio-carrier specification is;

    Compounded mix bundle size;


    15 ×


    Endless loop length;

    6cm, namely to external expansion 3cm;

    Outer layer net size;


    4 ×

    100cm, keeps certain outer layer net thickness;

    Inner bundle of composite fibers pigtail material size;


    8 ×

    90cm, bundle of composite fibers pigtail material diameter is set to 8cm;

    Outer layer net is arranged net hole size;

    0.5mm, and screen cloth aperture is set to 0.5mm;

    (2) pulping wastewater treatment;

    The former water of paper waste enters hydrolysis acidification pool successively and stops 1-1.5 hour, and pre-anoxic pond stops 50-65min, anaerobic pond stops 30min, anoxic pond stops 5-8min, Aerobic Pond stops 35-50min;

    Whipping appts in anoxic pond and anaerobic pond is in whipped state always;

    (3) paper waste discharge;

    Paper waste after process is discharged through discharge outlet.

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