A kind of tail heat recovery steam plate-press dryer

A kind of tail heat recovery steam plate-press dryer

  • CN 105,180,620 B
  • Filed: 08/14/2015
  • Issued: 07/24/2018
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/14/2015
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. a kind of tail heat recovery steam plate-press dryer, including drying machine and air-introduced machine, it is characterised in that;

  • Drying machine is equipped with masterDriving wheel, follower and scraper flight animal material convey on steam tablet, and steam tablet connects steam valve and drain valve;

    In drying machineThere is middle partition board that upper dry section and lower dry section are divided into drying;

    Upper dry section is tangentially connected by tubular heat exchanger through air-introduced machineThe cyclone dust removal tail hot high-efficiency recoverer being formed by stacking with cyclone dust collectors passes through wind stopping device discharge ash after rotational flow dust-removing at cone bottomDirt, tail gas connect cone by eddy flow tedge, and tubulation is passed through after being uniformly dispersed, and are arranged by exhaust pipe after being concentrated by top cone bucketGo out;

    Tubular heat exchanger shell side upper end connects air inlet pipe, and lower end connects lower dry section through air blower;

    The air-introduced machine includes wind turbineImpeller and casing, draught fan impeller include impeller backboard, impeller panel and blade, blade arrangement radial, central symmetry at impeller axleHollow anti-water-drop-shaped, impeller backboard be dish;

    Hollow anti-water-drop-shaped blade connection impeller panel is simultaneously welded with dish-shaped impeller backboardConnect composition impeller bodies;

    Impeller panel is equipped with air inlet, dish-shaped impeller backboard is fixed by rivet and connection shaft seat, axle bed pass throughAxis hole is connected with fan shaft;

    Casing is equipped with air inlet and air outlet, and cabinet form contour line is involute, involuteThe round heart is overlapped with wind turbine axle center, and since on the inside of shell air outlet, scribing line radius is gradually increased involute with involute circle, is arrivedTerminate on the outside of shell air outlet, shell air outlet width is equal to involute circumference;

    Shell air inlet is equipped with cover board, on cover boardThere is air inlet to be convenient for connecting pipe, and axle center and impeller axle center overlap;

    The tangentially connected cyclone dust collectors of drain valve.

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