Fibers capable of spontameously transporting fluids

Fibers capable of spontameously transporting fluids

  • CN 1,051,813 C
  • Filed: 04/04/1990
  • Issued: 04/26/2000
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/04/1989
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. absorbing products that contains fiber that can its surperficial aqueous fluid of automatic transport, it comprises two parts or the above described fiber of two parts, wherein the described fiber of at least a portion is positioned near the absorbing products center, and the described fiber of another part is positioned at position away from the absorbing products center at least;

  • Wherein near the described fiber the absorbing products center can contact for 10 seconds at least with aqueous fluid;

    Wherein in absorbent article away from the article center place, have one or more absorption cave to contact with described fiber,Wherein said fiber satisfies equation(1-Xcosθ


    0 θ

    in the formula aBe the contact angle of pushing ahead of the water measured on a planar film, this planar film if handle, then passes through same surface treatment by making with the fiber identical materials, X is the form factor of fiber cross section, establishes an equation under satisfying X=Pw4r+(&


    Pw is the wetted girth of fiber in the formula, and r is the external circle radius that limits the fibre section, and D is the minor axis length of crossing fiber cross section.

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