Methanol-hydrogen water heater

Methanol-hydrogen water heater

  • CN 105,186,020 A
  • Filed: 10/12/2015
  • Published: 12/23/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/12/2015
  • Status: Active Application
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1. an alcohol hydrogen water heater, is characterized in that, described water heater comprises:

  • water heater body, hydrogen production by methanol system, hydrogen gas generating system, and hydrogen production by methanol system, hydrogen gas generating system, water heater body connect successively;

    Described water heater body comprises valve body assembly, main burner, small fire burner, heat exchanger, safety device;

    Described hydrogen production by methanol system comprises hydrogen manufacturing subsystem, air pressure adjustment subsystem, Collection utilization subsystem, and hydrogen manufacturing subsystem, air pressure adjustment subsystem, hydrogen gas generating system, Collection utilization subsystem connect successively;

    Described hydrogen manufacturing subsystem utilizes methanol-water to prepare hydrogen, and described hydrogen manufacturing subsystem comprises solid hydrogen reservoir vessel, liquid container, raw material conveying device, device for rapidly starting, hydrogen producer, membrane separation device;

    Described hydrogen producer comprises heat exchanger, vaporizer, reformer chamber;

    Membrane separation device is arranged in separation chamber, and separation chamber is arranged at the inside of reformer chamber;

    Described solid hydrogen reservoir vessel, liquid container are connected with hydrogen producer respectively;

    Liquid first alcohol and water is stored in liquid container;

    Described device for rapidly starting provides the startup energy for hydrogen producer;

    Described device for rapidly starting comprises the first starting drive, the second starting drive;

    Described first starting drive comprises the first heating arrangements, the first gasification pipe, and the internal diameter of the first gasification pipe is 1 ~ 2mm, and the first gasification pipe is closely wound on the first heating arrangements;

    One end of described first gasification pipe connects liquid container, sends in the first gasification pipe by raw material conveying device by methyl alcohol;

    The other end of the first gasification pipe exports vaporized methyl alcohol, then by ignition mechanism ignition;

    Or the other end of the first gasification pipe exports vaporized methyl alcohol, and the methanol temperature exported reaches self-ignition point, directly spontaneous combustion after methyl alcohol exports from the first gasification pipe;

    Described second starting drive comprises the second gasification pipe, the main body of the second gasification pipe is arranged at described reformer chamber, first gasification pipe is or/and the methyl alcohol that the second gasification pipe exports is heat the second gasification pipe, by the methanol gasifying in the second gasification pipe while reformer chamber heats;

    Described reformer chamber inwall is provided with heating pipe line, is placed with catalyst in heating pipe line;

    Described device for rapidly starting is reformer chamber heating by the described heating pipe line of heating;

    After described hydrogen generating system starts, hydrogen generating system provides the energy needed for operation by the hydrogen that hydrogen producer obtains;

    The initial start energy of described device for rapidly starting is that some solar energy starts module, and solar energy starts module and comprises the solar panel, solar energy-electric energy change-over circuit, the solar cell that connect successively;

    Solar energy starts module provides electric energy for the first heating arrangements;

    Or the initial start energy of described device for rapidly starting is manual generator, manual generator by the power storage that sends in battery;

    Described catalyst comprises oxide, the oxide of Pd, the oxide of Cu, the oxide of Fe, the oxide of Zn, rare-earth oxide, the transition metal oxide of Pt;

    Wherein, precious metals pt content accounts for 0.6% ~ 1.8% of catalyst gross mass, Pd content accounts for 1.1% ~ 4% of catalyst gross mass, the oxide of Cu accounts for 6% ~ 12% of catalyst gross mass, the oxide of Fe accounts for 3% ~ 8% of catalyst gross mass, the oxide of Zn accounts for 8% ~ 20% of catalyst gross mass, and rare-earth oxide accounts for 6% ~ 40% of catalyst gross mass, and all the other are transition metal oxide;

    Or described catalyst is copper-based catalysts, comprise material and mass fraction is;

    the CuO of 3-17 part, the ZrO of the ZnO of 3-18 part, 0.5-3 part, the Al of 55-80 part 2o 3, the CeO of 1-3 part 2, the La of 1-3 part 2o 3;

    Store solid hydrogen in described solid hydrogen reservoir vessel, when hydrogen generating system starts, by gasification module, solid hydrogen is converted to gaseous hydrogen, gaseous hydrogen passes through combustion heat release, for hydrogen producer provides startup heat energy, as the startup energy of hydrogen producer;

    First alcohol and water in described liquid container is delivered to heat exchanger heat exchange by raw material conveying device, enters vaporizer gasification after heat exchange;

    Methanol vapor after gasification and steam enter reformer chamber, and reformer chamber is provided with catalyst, and reformer chamber bottom and middle portion temperature are 300 DEG C ~ 420 DEG C;

    The temperature on described reformer chamber top is 400 DEG C ~ 570 DEG C;

    Reformer chamber is connected by connecting line with separation chamber, all or part of top being arranged at reformer chamber of connecting line, and the high temperature by reformer chamber top continues the gas that heating exports from reformer chamber;

    Described connecting line, as the buffering between reformer chamber and separation chamber, makes the temperature of the gas exported from reformer chamber identical with the temperature of separation chamber or close;

    Temperature in described separation chamber is set as 350 DEG C ~ 570 DEG C;

    Be provided with membrane separator in separation chamber, obtain hydrogen from the aerogenesis end of membrane separator;

    Described raw material conveying device provides power, by the feedstock transportation in liquid container to hydrogen producer;

    Described raw material conveying device provides the pressure of 0.15 ~ 5MPa to raw material, and the hydrogen that hydrogen producer is obtained has enough pressure;

    After described hydrogen producer starts hydrogen manufacturing, the hydrogen partial that hydrogen producer is obtained is or/and residual air is run by burning maintenance hydrogen producer;

    The hydrogen that described hydrogen producer obtains is delivered to membrane separation device and is separated, and is more than or equal to 0.7MPa for separating of the difference of pressure inside and outside the membrane separation device of hydrogen;

    Described membrane separation device is the membrane separation device at porous ceramic surface Vacuum Deposition palladium-silver, and film plating layer is palladium-silver, and the mass percent palladium of palladium-silver accounts for 75% ~ 78%, and silver accounts for 22% ~ 25%;

    Obtained hydrogen is passed through transfer conduit real-time Transmission to hydrogen gas generating system by described hydrogen manufacturing subsystem;

    Described transfer conduit is provided with air pressure adjustment subsystem, for adjusting the air pressure in transfer conduit;

    The hydrogen gas generation that described hydrogen gas generating system utilizes hydrogen manufacturing subsystem obtained;

    Described air pressure adjustment subsystem comprises microprocessor, gas pressure sensor, valve positioner, air outlet valve, outlet pipe;

    Described gas pressure sensor is arranged in transfer conduit, in order to respond to the barometric information in transfer conduit, and the barometric information of induction is sent to microprocessor;

    This barometric information received from gas pressure sensor and setting threshold interval are compared by described microprocessor;

    When the pressure data received is higher than the maximum in setting threshold interval, Microprocessor S3C44B0X valve positioner opens air outlet valve setting-up time, air pressure in transfer conduit is made to be in setting range, one end of outlet pipe connects air outlet valve simultaneously, the other end connects described hydrogen manufacturing subsystem, and the firing equipment that needs being hydrogen manufacturing subsystem by burning heats;

    When the pressure data received is lower than the minimum value in setting threshold interval, hydrogen manufacturing subsystem described in Microprocessor S3C44B0X accelerates the transporting velocity of raw material;

    Described Collection utilization subsystem connects the Vent passageway of hydrogen gas generating system, hydrogen, oxygen, water is collected respectively from the gas of discharging, utilize collect hydrogen, oxygen for hydrogen manufacturing subsystem or/and hydrogen gas generating system, the water collected as the raw material of hydrogen manufacturing subsystem, thus recycles;

    Described Collection utilization subsystem comprises hydrogen/oxygen separator, hydrogen separator, hydrogen check-valves, oxygen separator, oxygen check valve, by hydrogen and oxygen separation, is then separated with water by hydrogen respectively, oxygen is separated with water;

    Described hydrogen producer also comprises electric energy estimation block, hydrogen prepares detection module, power storage module;

    Whether described electric energy estimation block can meet reformation in order to the electric energy estimated hydrogen gas generation device and send in real time, the electric energy of needs consumption when being separated;

    If met, then close device for rapidly starting;

    Whether hydrogen is prepared detection module and is used for detecting the hydrogen prepared in real time of hydrogen producer and stablizes;

    If hydrogen prepared by hydrogen producer is unstable, then controls device for rapidly starting and again start, and the electric energy part obtained is stored in power storage module, use when electric energy is not enough to the consumption providing hydrogen producer;

    Described hydrogen gas generating system is fuel cell system, and fuel cell system comprises;

    gas supply device, pile;

    Described gas supply device utilizes the gas of compression as power, and automatic transport is in pile;

    Described pile comprises some sub-fuel cell modules, and each sub-fuel cell module comprises at least one super capacitor;

    Described fuel cell system also comprises air intake conduit, outlet pipe;

    The gas of described compression is mainly oxygen;

    Air enters pile with oxygen after mixer mixes;

    Described fuel cell system also comprises gas regulating system;

    Described gas regulating system comprises valve regulated control device, and oxygen content transducer is or/and Compressed Gas compression ratio transducer;

    The data sensed in order to respond to the content of oxygen in the air and oxygen that mix in mixer, and are sent to valve regulated control device by described oxygen content transducer;

    The data sensed in order to the compression ratio of induced compression oxygen, and are sent to valve regulated control device by described Compressed Gas compression ratio transducer;

    Described valve regulated control device or/and the induction result of Compressed Gas compression ratio transducer regulates oxygen infusion valve, air entrainment valve door, controls the conveying ratio of compressed oxygen, air according to oxygen content transducer;

    Mist is pushed to pile reaction by the power that compressed oxygen produces after entering mixer;

    Described fuel cell system also comprises humidification system, and humidification system comprises humidity exchanging container, humidity exchanges pipeline, and it is a part for air intake conduit that humidity exchanges pipeline;

    After described reaction, gas outlet pipe is delivered to humidity exchanging container,The material that described humidity exchanges pipeline is only permeable airtight, makes to react rear gas and natural air carries out humidity exchange, and cannot circulate between gas.

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