Repair process for plastic component of automobile

Repair process for plastic component of automobile

  • CN 105,196,573 A
  • Filed: 10/27/2015
  • Published: 12/30/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/27/2015
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1. for a renovation technique for automobile plastic parts, comprise the following steps:

  • step one, old assessment;

    Step 2, material differentiates;

    Step 3, grinding process;

    Step 4, meticulous shaping;

    Step 5, curved surface inspection;

    Step 6, surface spraying;

    Step 7, product inspection;

    Step 8, warehouse-in or delivery;

    It is characterized in that;

    S1., wherein in step one;

    first will assess old before maintenance plastic items, determine whether these parts have maintenance value and can prior art reach maintenance technique requirement, otherwise just should change;

    S2., in step 2;

    before plastic items is keeped in repair, correctly must judge that its plastic material belongs to thermoplasticity or heat cured, then could determine next step method for maintaining;

    For thermosets;

    first carry out thermosetting shaping, the parts of thermosetting material generally all have memory function, place them in homogeneous heating under barn or infrared lamp, impaired distortion place just can recover original form automatically, helps to restore when applying external force to it again under recoverable force not thoroughly situation;

    And then carry out adhesive surface early stage process and carry out repair by welding or bonding repair;

    Before gluing, should first by gluing surface and surrounding clean water clean;

    With gas grinding machine, surface finish to be bonded is extremely all presented brand-new mother metal;

    Finally dip in degreaser wiping with non-woven fabrics and thoroughly dry and could be coated with adhesive;

    It is gluing that the reparation of thermosetting plastics generally all adopts adhesive method to carry out;

    After shaping to be bonded is carried out adhesive surface process in early stage, then require to select suitable binding agent according to plastic material and bonding strength, be spread evenly across on adhesive surface, be combined calibration relative position in time, have will being bumped in time and keeping its accurate location of fragment;

    If fragment is short, benefit can be cut from the working of plastics of discarded identical material, make interface smooth, seamless and then with quick-drying gelatin, whole gap is filled up, cemented;

    For thermoplastic;

    Adhesive method has that solvent is gluing, melt viscosity and adhesive gluing all applicable;

    In order to obtain high-quality repairing effect, for the first-selected repair by welding of thermoplastic plastic parts;

    S3., wherein in step 3;

    by weld seam with repair the bossing sander of periphery and polish, polish and to carry out step by step by following requirements;

    A) roughly grind;

    select 80 ~ No. 180 dry abrasive papers tentatively to polish refinisher successively, curved arc or special-shaped part need adopt cushion support sand paper carefully to polish, require slightly to exceed than basal plane a little as fine grinding surplus as far as possible;

    B) packing;

    check surface whether pore, the depression etc. after polishing, if desired with atomized ash or filler special;

    C) shape mill;

    after filling up fully solidification, be shaped with 120 ~ No. 240 dry abrasive paper reconditionings;

    D) refine;

    to the refinisher of curved surface passed examination, 180 ~ No. 320 waterproof abrasive papers should be selected to carry out modification polishing in number-skipping mode;

    Mill ash to be removed in process and check whether pore, polish again after filling up if desired;

    E) polishing;

    during surface reconditioning for automobile lamp class, need to carry out polishing;

    Fine grinding basis is selected further 600 ~ No. 1500 dry abrasive papers by slightly successively polishing to thin order;

    Every layer polishing before with except oilcloth be stained with pretreating reagent wipe surfaces with wipe oil, cured matter and prevent polishing time produce electrostatic;

    The silicon carbide paper of 1500 ~ No. 2000 is finally used to be stained with the polishing of a little clear water, until can'"'"'t see the polishing vestige of any cut and last layer sand paper;

    S4. in the meticulous shaping of step 4;

    For the circular arc camber that will spray brightener or light paint, in order to prevent spraying rear generation refract light deformity, after shape mill, meticulous shaping is done to reparation position;

    S5. wherein in checking at step 5 curved surface;

    With unspoiled antimere for benchmark, go out primary standard of curved surface shape with curved surface dipstick metering, then go inspection reparation curved surface whether to coincide with this reference figure;

    Curved surface requires to reach;

    measure wrap-around error with curved surface chi and clearance gauge, every 100mm arc length planted agent is less than 1mm;

    Check underproof for curved surface, then carry out meticulous shaping step;

    Curved surface passed examination does not need spraying, directly warehouse-in or delivery;

    S6. in step 6 surface spraying, the lacquer spraying technique of plastics exterior trimming parts repair surface sprays paint identical with vehicle body, carries out after fine grinding operation;

    S7. in step 7 product inspection;

    the finished product repaired has to pass through quality inspection and can dispatch from the factory, test stone;

    S8., in step 8, after above step completes, the plate that keeps out the wind is put in storage or is delivered goods.

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