A kind of high voltage DC transformers and its control method based on capacitance partial pressure structure

A kind of high voltage DC transformers and its control method based on capacitance partial pressure structure

  • CN 105,207,476 B
  • Filed: 07/17/2015
  • Issued: 10/11/2019
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/17/2015
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1. a kind of high voltage DC transformers based on capacitance partial pressure structure, which is characterized in that the high voltage DC transformers are using electricityThe principle for holding partial pressure reduced output voltage realizes DCDC transformation, realizes energy in series electrical by each capacitance voltage of control closed-loop stabilizationSequence transmitting between appearance, specifically includes:

  • Including concatenated capacitance group and auxiliary circuit;

    The concatenated capacitance group includes at least an a derided capacitors C3 and output capacitance C4;

    The auxiliary circuit includes inductance L3, and switch S3 and switch S6, wherein is connected in parallel on after switch S3 and inductance L3 series connectionThe both ends of derided capacitors C3;

    When switch S3 is disconnected, inductance L3 is connected in parallel on the both ends of output capacitance C4 by switch S6;

    The both ends parallel connection DC low-pressure side of the output capacitance C4, the both ends high-pressure side parallel connection DC of concatenated capacitance group;

    When decompression, power flows to low-pressure side by high-pressure side, is connected by capacitor, divides high side voltage in series capacitance,By one or more capacitor output voltages to realize decompression DCDC transformation, by auxiliary circuit by the energy of most upper level capacitorAmount is transported in output capacitance step by step, to maintain the voltage in output capacitance;

    When boosting, power flows to high pressure by low-pressure sideEnergy on the most capacitor of bottom level-one is transmitted to upper level capacitor, to tie up by the action of pumping up of auxiliary circuit by side step by stepThe total voltage for holding capacitor after connecting is constant, and the energy of most bottom level-one capacitor is transported to upper layer capacitance step by step by auxiliary circuitOn, to tie upHold the high voltage exported in series capacitance;

    The high voltage DC transformers further comprise having central controller, and derided capacitors C3, inductance L3 and switch S3 constitute level-oneCapacity control circuit, the Capacity control circuit include PWM voltage-stabilization control system;

    The central controller includes power direction discrimination module and capacitance voltage reference value computing module, and the power direction is sentencedOther module judges flow of power direction by the electric current and voltage value of sampling high-pressure side and low-pressure side, so that it is determined that voltage controlsStrategy, capacitance voltage reference value computing module calculate the given electricity of PWM voltage-stabilization control system according to determining voltage control strategyPressure, controls voltage stabilization with this;

    The stable duty ratio voltage that the PWM voltage-stabilization control system passes through corresponding two switch conductions of adjusting;

    The PWM of every level-oneVoltage-stabilization control system independent control.

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