Organic bentonite gelatinizer and preparation method thereof

Organic bentonite gelatinizer and preparation method thereof

  • CN 1,052,094 A
  • Filed: 11/30/1989
  • Published: 06/12/1991
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/30/1989
  • Status: Abandoned Application
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1. , a kind of organic bentonite gelatinizer and preparation method thereof, it is characterized in that it is made up of hydrogen type bentonite and quaternary amine or quaternary amine and topped dose of institute of tertiary amine mixture, it forms content, and (with the gelifying agent is benchmark, heavy %):

  • hydrogen type bentonite is 50-70%, and topped dose is 30-50%, when being quaternary amine and tertiary amine mixture as if topped dose, it forms content, and (with topped dose is benchmark, heavy %) be quaternary amine 85-96%, tertiary amine 4-15%, the preparation method of gelifying agent;

    (1) preparation hydrogen type bentonite;

    cation exchange capacity is restrained wilkinites greater than 75 milligramequivalents/100, add deionized water, be made into the slurries of solid content 5-15%, add acid then, add-on is bentonitic 1-15%, or adds h type resin, add-on is bentonitic 10-15 times, reacted at normal temperatures 4-8 hour, to PH be 2-3, promptly obtain the hydrogen type bentonite slurries;

    (2) hydrogen type bentonite is made into the suspension that solid content is 1-6%, be heated to 40-80 ℃

    after, add consumption and be topped dose of 35-100 gram/100 gram hydrogen type bentonites, continue to stir 2-4 hour, floccular organobentonite;

    (3) floccular organobentonite is crossed the Lu, wash with water then, be dried to water content≤

    3.5% below 105 ℃

    ,, promptly get required gelifying agent through pulverizing or spraying drying to no chlorion.

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