Hydrophobic polymer cement waterproof coating and preparation method thereof

Hydrophobic polymer cement waterproof coating and preparation method thereof

  • CN 105,272,047 A
  • Filed: 11/12/2015
  • Published: 01/27/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/12/2015
  • Status: Active Application
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1. a preparation method for hydrophobic type polymer cement waterproof paint, is characterized in that, the preparation method of described hydrophobic type polymer cement waterproof paint comprises the following steps:

  • Step one, get monomethyl trichlorosilane that concentration is greater than 98% 18% the polycondensation of concentration of hydrochloric acid inhibition Water Under solution, temperature of reaction controls at 30 degree, time 2 h, dissolving;

    The volume ratio controlling METHYL TRICHLORO SILANE and hydrochloric acid is 1;


    Step 2, filters;

    be separated with hydrochloric acid by methyl siliconic acid, obtain methyl siliconic acid;

    Step 3, washing;

    again wash methyl siliconic acid;

    Step 4, the sodium hydroxide adding equivalent in above-mentioned methyl siliconic acid heats under about 90 DEG C, and substitution reaction 0.5-1.5 hour, is obtained by reacting sodium methyl silicate;

    Step 5, prepared by first component;

    the water through metering is injected reaction vessel, and adjustment pH-value is to pH value 7-9, add polymer emulsion, then acid adjustment base number is to pH7-9, stirs, once add thickening material, defoamer, sodium methyl silicate, softening agent multifunctional assistant, stir;

    Step 6, the preparation of second component;

    by silicate cement, silica powder mixing and stirring;

    Step 7, presses the weight ratio mixing and stirring of 1;

    1.5 by first, second component, place after 5 minutes, and brushing cleans clean drying on concrete surface.

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