CT image-guided liver tumor thermal ablation needle location and navigation system

CT image-guided liver tumor thermal ablation needle location and navigation system

  • CN 105,286,988 A
  • Filed: 10/12/2015
  • Published: 02/03/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/12/2015
  • Status: Active Application
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1. a CT image-guided liver tumor heating ablation pin position fixing and navigation system, it comprises hardware composition part and software component elements, and described hardware composition part comprises:

  • navigation work station, Intraoperative position device, image display;

    Described software component elements comprises;

    navigation module and postoperative curative effect evaluation module in image data management module, three-dimensional visualization module, 3-dimensional image auto Segmentation module, pre-operative surgical planning module, art;

    Intraoperative position device, image display are connected with navigation work station respectively;

    Hardware composition part is driven by software component elements;

    In software component elements, image data management module is directly connected with three-dimensional visualization module or by being directly connected with three-dimensional visualization module after 3-dimensional image auto Segmentation module again, three-dimensional visualization module is connected with navigation module, postoperative curative effect evaluation module in pre-operative surgical planning module, art respectively, pre-operative surgical planning module is connected with navigation module in art, and in art, navigation module is connected with postoperative curative effect evaluation module;

    Described image data management module, for obtaining and store patient CT scan sequence image, the volume data in centralized management medical image visual, auto Segmentation, surgery planning and navigation procedure;

    Described three-dimensional visualization module, patient CT image is obtained by described image data management module, through liver and the contiguous important anatomy structure of volume drawing displaying visual, to the auto Segmentation volume data obtained by the size of the visual display liver of iso-surface patch and liver tumor, shape and locus, finally the spatial orientation information of visual for volume drawing/iso-surface patch volume data, surgery planning data and operating theater instruments is merged and show;

    Described 3-dimensional image auto Segmentation module, for carrying out fast automatic three-dimensional segmentation to liver and liver tumor, utilizes segmentation result to carry out preoperative analysis planning;

    Described pre-operative surgical planning module, for carrying out the surgery planning before thermal ablation therapy, according to the Three-dimension Reconstruction Model of described three-dimensional visualization module display, assist physicians carries out the planning in the best inserting needle path of heating ablation pin, and the action effect of predicted treatment;

    Navigation module in described art, is demarcated by operating theater instruments and space coordinates conversion, utilizes described Intraoperative position device to obtain the real time position of operating theater instruments relative to patients target'"'"'s histoorgan, realizes the guiding to the puncture of heating ablation pin;

    Described postoperative curative effect evaluation module, according to the CT scan image after operation in patients, solidification zone is melted to neoplastic fevers and carries out three-dimensional segmentation, set up thermocoagulation district threedimensional model, this model and preoperative liver tumor threedimensional model are compared, evaluate Three Dimensional Thermal solidification zone whether " conformal " comprehensive covering liver tumor, ensure that the completeness heating ablation of tumor is downright bad.

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