The multi-purpose socket of tool safety

The multi-purpose socket of tool safety

  • CN 1,053,147 A
  • Filed: 12/27/1989
  • Published: 07/17/1991
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/27/1989
  • Status: Abandoned Application
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1. , a kind of multi-purpose socket of tool safety is characterized in that its structure comprises:

  • Loam cake, two sides are provided with down L shaped hole in the top for it, and middle position is provided with an elliptical aperture (52), and its lower end is provided with two by the strip hole, the hole of circular port and square opening formation, central authorities are provided with circular hole;

    Dividing plate, it respectively is provided with a guide rail in limit, the left and right sides, be provided with one in middle position and lack the hole, and two sides respectively are provided with a slotted eye in the lower end, and central authorities establish a hole;

    Two conduction racks, it places the left and right sides of base, and it is provided with spring connecting sheet, accepts guide card, the U-shaped guide card, U-shaped frame and waveform track, and in it, be provided with control strip;

    Grounding rack, its upper end is the tool inclined-plane slightly, more vertically downward, again with arc down, is provided with little concave arc in the appropriate location and makes big or small grounding pin insertion can contact conducting;

    Base, it is provided with two slotted eyes, and middle position is provided with ground slot, and its periphery is provided with draw-in groove;

    Center which is provided with four stoppers and two clamps, is provided with edge clipping in clamp;

    After the above-mentioned assembly of mat makes it combined integrated, touch guide rail in the time of can making down L shaped pin insert, can make down L shaped pin contact energising with spring connecting sheet toward moving down afterwards, the flat pin just can touch and accept crack between guide card and the U-shaped guide card and conduct electricity again, circular pin and square pins just can be inserted the U-shaped guide card, make the plug of its applicable several differences.

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