Hardening agent for road and roadbed hardening method

Hardening agent for road and roadbed hardening method

  • CN 105,367,010 A
  • Filed: 10/30/2015
  • Published: 03/02/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/30/2015
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1. a road solidifying agent, it is characterized in that, comprise:

  • by weight percentage, cement 10%-15%, lime 1%-5%, flyash 2%-3%, gypsum 2%-3%, coal gangue 1%-2%, zeolite 1%-2%, sulphonated oil 3%-15%, phosphoric acid salt 1%-2%, caustic alkali 1%-2%, potassium permanganate 1%-2%, sodium-chlor 2%-4%, sodium carbonate 2%-4%, calcium carbonate 2%-3%, silica flour 2%-3%, pitch 1%-2%, water glass 5%-10%, polyacrylamide 1%-2%, polyacrylic acid 1%-2%, magnesium sulfate 1%-2%, calcium carbonate 1%-2%, tar 7%-10%, epoxy resin 0.1%-1%, aniline-furfural 0.6%-1%, calcium acrylate 0.3%-1% and carboxymethyl cellulose 0.5%-2%,This solidifying agent adds water in use;

    Described cement, lime, flyash and gypsum issue biochemical reaction in the effect of water and generate gelatinous hydrate, comprise hydrated calcium silicate, drated calcium aluminate and calcium hydroxide, surround mud particles, sclerosis forms skeleton, generate complex compound with mud particles effect, form interconnective stable space net structure, strengthen the cohesive strength between grogs and stability;

    After described sulphonated oil dilute with water, produce ionization, make solution present electroconductibility, after mixing with earth, exchange with the active cation of mud particles surface adsorption, destroy the double electrical layers on mud particles surface, reduce the chemical interactions of earth surfaces and water, make the planar water in clay particle free out, be converted into free water and discharge, forever change the wetting ability of earth into hydrophobic nature, make earth form stable overall plate under pressure;

    Produce the ettringite acicular crystals containing 32 crystal water after described solidifying agent and native mixing effect, the free water in soil is fixed up with the form of crystal water;

    Described caustic alkali, potassium permanganate, sodium-chlor, sodium carbonate and calcium carbonate are used for the early activity of solidification agent, participate in reaction and generate the composition with gelling, play cementation with closed mix structure;

    Described silica flour and the hydrated product of cement react, and improve and only starch intensity, the intergranular hole of filling concrete, reduce water-cement ratio;

    Described pitch comprises pitch earth and tar-bitumen, physical-chemical absorption reaction is there is between pitch and grogs, around grogs, form asphalt film and form stable coherent structure, reduce grogs surface free energy, the positively charged ion on the asphaltous acid in pitch and grogs surface interacts, generate stable organic acid salt, form water-repellent layer on grogs surface;

    Metal ion in described water glass and soil or pH value generate Calucium Silicate powder and silica gel particle lower than the pore water of 9, hole between filling grogs, improve soil strength, and between water glass and grogs, there is chemical bond effect, be hydrolyzed with cement the calcium hydroxide produced and harden and generate hydrated calcium silicate gel body;

    Described polyacrylamide and polyacrylic acid as exciting agent, for exciting the lateral reactivity of earth;

    Described magnesium sulfate and calcium carbonate are for improving the calcium magnesium cation concentration in earth hole, the current potential on grogs surface is reduced, shortens the distance between grogs, hydration shell wedge power is reduced, anatomical connectivity enters intermolecular interaction category, promotes to condense between grogs;

    In the traverse net that simultaneously calcium magnesium cation is inserted in earth between layer mineral, connect between enhancement Layer, promote clay solidifying;

    Described tar, epoxy resin, aniline-furfural, calcium acrylate and carboxymethyl cellulose polymerization reaction take place in soil, the webbed space structure of shape, fills native mesoporosity, and utilizes crosslinked polymer to form three-dimensional arrangement parcel and cementing grogs, make its surface produce adsorption, improve soil strength.

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