A kind of capsule endoscope with accurate positioning function

A kind of capsule endoscope with accurate positioning function

  • CN 105,395,160 B
  • Filed: 12/15/2015
  • Issued: 02/26/2019
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/15/2015
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1. a kind of capsule endoscope with accurate positioning function, including capsule housing, and it is set to the intracorporal pH sensor of capsule shells,Photographic device and control device, one end of the capsule housing are transparence, and the photographic device is set to the transparent of capsule housingEnd, the control device includes microprocessor and signal transceiver connected to it, and the microprocessor is electrically connected with photographic deviceIt connects, and image or vision signal that photographic device acquires is sent to by signal transceiver by external signal receiving device,Be characterized in that, the capsule endoscope further includes positioning device, the positioning device include miniature leg, rubber wheel, pressure sensor,Spring and motor, in which:

  • The miniature leg is set on the outside of capsule housing, and one end is connect with rubber wheel, and the rubber wheel is filled equipped with revolution speed measuringIt sets, the revolution speed measuring device is electrically connected with microprocessor, and microprocessor is turned revolution speed measuring device by signal transceiverNumber signal is sent to external signal receiving device, is additionally provided with groove on the rubber wheel;

    The spring and motor are set in capsule housing, and are connect with the other end of miniature leg, and the spring controls miniature legIt opens, the miniature leg of motor driven is shunk;

    Pressure sensor, the pressure sensor and microprocessor are additionally provided on the springElectrical connection, and the pressure signal measured is sent to external signal receiving device by microprocessor and signal transceiver;

    The end that the miniature leg is connected to motor is additionally provided with positioning door bolt;

    The motor is a kind of brushless motor;

    The groove is arranged along the side of rubber wheel, is provided with the gear teeth between adjacent grooves;

    By the pH value of pH sensor feedback, judge whether capsule endoscope reaches position to be detected;

    When capsule endoscope enter it is to be checkedWhen surveying position, brushless motor is activated, while positioning door bolt and opening, and under the action of the spring, three miniature legs open, at this time pressureThe pressure of sensor real-time detection spring activates brushless motor, in brushless motor when the pressure of spring is more than certain threshold valueUnder the action of driving and spring, the degree for adjusting spring-compressed or stretching out, so as to be adjusted according to the environment at position to be detectedDegree is stretched out in the contraction of three miniature legs, and rubber wheel and human body alimentary canal wall is enable to contact well.

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