A kind of vertical water saving urinal

A kind of vertical water saving urinal

  • CN 105,421,561 B
  • Filed: 08/31/2015
  • Issued: 09/11/2018
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/31/2015
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1. a kind of vertical water saving urinal, including urinal outer housing (1) and it is open obliquely in the outer housing (1)Liner (2), it is characterised in that:

  • Outer housing (1) top is equipped with hand basin (3), and the hand basin (3) is equipped with tap (31) and discharge outlet (32);

    The courage body (22) of the liner (2) is equipped with upper opening (21) and collector nozzle (23);

    Plane where the upper opening (21)Angle α

    with horizontal plane is 45 °

    ~60 °

    , and the edge of the upper opening (21) is equipped with the outer rim (211) or decoration of a circle convexItem;

    The collector nozzle (23) is located at courage body (22) bottom, and the collector nozzle (23) is equipped with smelly lid (231) and the lower water seal of lower water sealSmelly body (232);

    The top half being open (21) between collector nozzle (23) on the courage body includes the ring close to upper opening (21)With close to the spherical part (222) of collector nozzle (23), lower half portion is conical section (221) for shape part (223);

    The ring part(223), spherical part (222) are divided to be smoothly connected with conical section (221);

    Side is set there are two bath mouth (24) in the courage body, and the bath mouth (24) is set to annular section (223) on the courage bodyWith the junction of conical section (221), and close to described upper opening (21) edge;

    The bath mouth (24) is equipped with long and narrow water sprayMouth (241), the bath mouth (24) are the closed hollow cylinder in one end, and the water jet (241) is close to closed end, along instituteIt states cylinder radial cuts to be process, the water jet (241) is towards the direction of the courage body collector nozzle (23);

    Tap (31) on the hand basin (3) is connected with water inlet pipe (41), and lower water seal water cover is equipped at discharge outlet (32)(321) and it is connected with drainpipe (42);

    The drainpipe (42) is connected with water tank (45), the drainpipe (42) and water tank(45) it is equipped with filter between, is equipped with filter screen in the filter, the water outlet of the water tank (45) is connected with water pump(46);

    The bath mouth (24) is connected with wash tub pipe (43), and the wash tub pipe (43) is connected to going out for the water pump (46)The mouth of a river, urinal outer housing (1) front are equipped with the switch or inductor (52) for controlling the water pump (46);

    The liner courage bodyCollector nozzle (23) be connected with blow-off pipe (44), between the water tank (45) and blow-off pipe (44) be equipped with spilling water return pipe (47).

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