Bicycle with circular chain wheel and cam mechanism simultaneously working

Bicycle with circular chain wheel and cam mechanism simultaneously working

  • CN 105,438,395 A
  • Filed: 12/04/2015
  • Published: 03/30/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/04/2015
  • Status: Active Application
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1. the bicycle that simultaneously works of circular sprocket wheel and cam mechanism, is characterized in that;

  • The basis of ordinary bicycle installs following content additional;

    link the main component in order to install with lower component with car body, Swing Driven Member disk cam mechanism, assembly pulley, and catch and fastener.Installation method;

    the cam designed to be arranged on inside monolithic sprocket wheel (axle center same as sprocket wheel) and the rise of cam and crank rotate to the most corresponding to power interval, backhaul and the crank of cam rotate between left and right region, dead point corresponding.Slave pendulum moving part center of oscillation axle is arranged on main component appropriate location, and swing arm center of oscillation is set in the appropriate location of swing arm, installs movable pulley at the other end (deliberately extending) of swing arm. and (leverage is played in swing arm).Fixed pulley is arranged on main component appropriate location.Working process and principle;

    carry out folding and unfolding by cam mechanism and assembly pulley to pilled-in selvedge chain in ride, the process rhythm of folding and unfolding and crank forward to the most interval to power.Corresponding with the rhythm forwarded between left and right region, dead point., it is emphasised that;

    process.Rhythm and corresponding.This is the key of problem.By default cam profile.With oscillating follower swing arm shaft core position, and movable pulley axle center is to the length of swing arm shaft core position.Just can realize with the position relationship of movable pulley and quiet pulley;

    Control process and the degree of folding and unfolding pilled-in selvedge chain.It is fairly obvious that the bicycle implementing this programme rides effect through examination.Dead point is completely imperceptible.Ride very light.Accelerate very to power.Efficiency of riding significantly promotes.

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