Method for preparing luminescent material 8-hydroxyquinoline calcium

Method for preparing luminescent material 8-hydroxyquinoline calcium

  • CN 105,439,950 B
  • Filed: 12/26/2015
  • Issued: 05/22/2020
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/26/2015
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1. A method for preparing 8-hydroxyquinoline calcium as a luminescent material comprises the steps of preparing 8-hydroxyquinoline calcium by a precipitation conversion method by taking calcium hydroxide as a raw material and deionized water as a solvent;

  • the method is realized by the following steps;

    1) preparing materials;

    adding raw materials into a container according to the mol ratio of calcium hydroxide to 8-hydroxyquinoline =1;

    2, adding deionized water according to the total amount of the raw materials, namely deionized water =1kg to 50L, and dissolving or uniformly dispersing;

    2) reaction;

    heating and stirring for 4 hours at the temperature of 80-100 ℃

    , wherein the stirring speed is 30 r/min;

    3) cooling and filtering;

    cooling to room temperature, filtering, and washing with deionized water at 85 ℃

    for 3-5 times;

    4) and (3) drying;

    transferring the product to an oven, raising the temperature to 105 ℃

    , preserving the heat for 1h, cooling to room temperature, and discharging to obtain the 8-hydroxyquinoline calcium with the purity of 97.42-98.26% and the yield of 79.27-86.72%.

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