A kind of synthetic method of triaminoguanidinium nitrate industrialized production

A kind of synthetic method of triaminoguanidinium nitrate industrialized production

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  • Filed: 12/04/2015
  • Issued: 08/23/2019
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1. a kind of synthetic method of triaminoguanidinium nitrate industrialized production uses technical grade guanidine nitrate, hydrazine hydrate as anti-Object is answered, with nitric acid and hydrazine hydrate nitric acid synthesis hydrazine, is then reacted with guanidine nitrate, realizes industrialized mass production triaminoguanidineNitrate, it is characterised in that:

  • the synthetic method replaces salting out method using catalysis, and synthesis step is divided into two steps;

    Step 1 is the synthesis of intermediate nitryl hydrazine;

    hydrazine hydrate is added in reaction vessel, nitric acid is added dropwise under stirring,Reaction temperature is controlled at 40 DEG C hereinafter, being added dropwise, continuing stirring reacts it sufficiently for a period of time, obtains intermediate product nitrylHydrazine;

    Step 2 is the synthesis of triaminoguanidinium nitrate;

    be added guanidine nitrate into reaction system, control reaction temperature 80 DEG C withOn, it is reacted under stirring, end of reaction is cooled to 40 DEG C hereinafter, stopping stirring, standing to triamido under stirringGuanidine nitrate solid settles completely, obtains target product;

    The wherein amount and guanidine nitrate of the substance of synthetic reaction hydrazine hydrate be addedThe ratio between the amount of substance be not less than 3;

    1, the ratio between amount and the amount of substance of nitric acid of the substance for the hydrazine hydrate being added in the step 1Not less than 1;

    1, nitric acid dropping finishes continuation mixing time and is no less than 5 minutes in the step 1;

    In the step 2, reaction temperature is no less than 1 hour 120 DEG C of reaction time below, and in the step 2, reaction terminatesThe time of natural subsidence is no less than 30 minutes;

    React the post-processing approach terminated further include;

    triaminoguanidinium nitrate is washed, and is dried in vacuo, it is cold then to carry out natureBut, it after product is cooled to room temperature, is contained using sealing container, deposits in dry cool place and be protected from light place.

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