Closed arteriovenous puncture trocar

Closed arteriovenous puncture trocar

  • CN 105,496,516 B
  • Filed: 12/07/2015
  • Issued: 07/24/2020
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/07/2015
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. The utility model provides a closed arteriovenous puncture trocar, includes pjncture needle (1) and sleeve pipe (2), sleeve pipe (2) including head (22) that are equipped with soft needle tubing (21) and sleeve pipe main part (24) that are equipped with passageway (23), its characterized in that:

  • the device is characterized in that the sleeve main body (24) is provided with a switch (3) for controlling the opening and closing of the passage (23), the switch (3) penetrates through the sleeve main body (24), the switch (3) is provided with a cavity (31) communicated with the passage (23), two ends of the cavity (31) are in sealing fit with elastic sealing elements (32), a needle head directly penetrates through the elastic sealing elements (32) to enter the cavity (31), and the physiological saline is input after the pre-filling, air exhausting and dialysis of the inner cavity of the device are finished;

    the sleeve main body (24) is connected with the head (22) through the flexible conduit (4), and the movement of the sleeve main body (24) does not directly act on the soft needle tube (21);

    the switch (3) comprises a rotating block (33) which is rotatably matched with the sleeve main body (24), a first through hole (34) communicated with the passage (23) is formed in the rotating block (33) in a direction perpendicular to the axis, a second through hole (35) is formed in the inner side wall of the first through hole (34), and the axis of the second through hole (35) is respectively perpendicular to the axis of the rotating block (33) and the axis of the first through hole (34);

    the sleeve main body (24) is provided with a plurality of switches (3);

    the side wall of the soft needle tube (21) is provided with a through hole;

    the head (22) is detachably connected with a protective sleeve (25) used for protecting the soft needle tube and the puncture needle (1), the top of the protective sleeve (25) is provided with a through hole, when the physiological saline is used for pre-charging and removing the air in the inner cavity of the instrument, the protective sleeve (25) is not pulled out for operation, and the air and the physiological saline flow out from the through hole;

    the soft needle tube (21) is provided with a middle layer containing barium sulfate;

    the trocar is used for dialysis;

    the switch (3) is provided with a clamping component for fixing a catheter or a needle head, the clamping component is rotatably connected to the top of the switch (3) and can be used as a handle of the switch (3) to rotate the switch (3);

    switch (3) top be equipped with the protective cover with elastic sealing element (32) laminating.

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