Graphene sewage purifier

Graphene sewage purifier

  • CN 105,498,356 A
  • Filed: 12/10/2015
  • Published: 04/20/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/10/2015
  • Status: Active Application
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1. a Graphene effluent treatment plant, is characterized in that, comprising:

  • Multi-stage sewage sedimentation basin, the arrangement in staged from high to low of described multi-stage sewage sedimentation basin, to make the top of upper level detention tank higher than the top of next stage detention tank, most higher level'"'"'s detention tank has sewage inlet, and most subordinate detention tank has outlet of sewer;

    Pumping mechanism, described pumping mechanism to be connected between detention tank at different levels and described most between subordinate'"'"'s detention tank and described outlet of sewer, for sewage is pumped to described next stage detention tank from described upper level detention tank, and sewage is discharged from described outlet of sewer;

    Filter mechanism, the downstream of most subordinate detention tank described in described filter mechanism is positioned at, described outlet of sewer is connected with shower nozzle, described shower nozzle is arranged on directly over described filter mechanism, described filter mechanism is used for filtering the sewage from described shower nozzle, and described filter mechanism comprises the Graphene filter course that graphene oxide is made;

    AndClear water tanks, it is positioned at the below of described filter mechanism, for storing the water purification after process.

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