It is a kind of rural area scenic spot in anhydrous public lavatory

It is a kind of rural area scenic spot in anhydrous public lavatory

  • CN 105,520,676 B
  • Filed: 02/03/2016
  • Issued: 11/08/2019
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/03/2016
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1. anhydrous public lavatory in a kind of rural area scenic spot, including excrement pond, it is characterised in that:

  • further include outer cover, in the sky that outer cover surroundsThe space is divided into two parts up and down by interior setting floor, floor;

    It is arranged in the top setting w.c.pan on floor, lower sectionExcrement pond, w.c.pan are connected with excrement pond;

    Urinal is arranged in the side of w.c.pan, is connected to Collecting duct on urinal;

    It is described smallCloset and w.c.pan are from successively longitudinal arrangement is distributed front to back;

    The lower mouth of the urinal is equipped with filter screen;

    Under excrement pondSide or side setting collection urinal, collection urinal can be connected to excrement pond;

    Collector tube, the collector tube and Collecting duct are connected on collection urinalIt is connected;

    It is also connected with argol pond on excrement pond, excrement extruder is set in excrement pond, excrement extruder is auger, augerExcrement pond is stretched out in one end, and cutter is installed in that one end that auger stretches out excrement pond, and cutter is mounted in the shaft of auger, and cutter can turnDynamic, cutter is located at the top in argol pond;

    Control device, the manipulation are set on over body case in or beyond the space that outer cover surroundsDevice can drive excrement processing unit (plant) to act;

    The control device includes guide groove, and the tooth vertically placed is equipped in guide grooveItem, the top installation foot pedal of rack gear, bottom end connect elastomer, and the other end of elastomer is fixed on the bottom wall of guide groove, toothOne-directional rotation body is fitted on item, one-directional rotation body drives excrement pond rotation, and one-directional rotation body is mounted on excrement pond;

    Or it twistsThe first rotor is installed in the shaft of dragon, the second rotor is installed on excrement pond, is installed on the first rotor and the second rotorArrangement of clutch, arrangement of clutch connection one-directional rotation body.

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