Universal six-stroke two-dimensional Chinese character codes and keyboard

Universal six-stroke two-dimensional Chinese character codes and keyboard

  • CN 1,055,614 A
  • Filed: 03/30/1990
  • Published: 10/23/1991
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/30/1990
  • Status: Abandoned Application
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1. , the present invention is the no repeated code six-stroke two-dimensional Chinese character of an a kind of popular style method.It is characterized in that:

  • , it is decomposed into basic stroke and the structure member of forming the Chinese character-type key element according to the font design feature of Chinese character.Basic stroke is divided into;

    horizontal (one), straight (|), cast aside (Pie), point (Dian), folding ( ), hook ( ) six kinds;

    Structure member is generally by forming more than two or two.The present invention will constitute six kinds of basic strokes of Chinese character, be defined as simple radical;

    And will be defined as complex root by the structure member that constitutes Chinese character more than two.All radicals are all set up two-dimensional coordinate by six-stroke and corresponding digital code thereof, and sort out by corresponding two-dimensional coordinate code check mark, thereby constitute the six-stroke two-dimensional Chinese character etymon list.Disperse with font distinguish yard counterweight code word.All individual characters and phrase are all by listed radical in the six-stroke two-dimensional etymon list or add the font distinguish yard by sub-root and encode.

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