Substituted pyridine and process for preparing same

Substituted pyridine and process for preparing same

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  • Filed: 01/17/1989
  • Issued: 08/23/2000
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/20/1988
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1. the method for pyridine of the replacement of preparation following formula:

  • In the formula;

    A represents fluoro phenyl or C 1-C 4Alkyl;

    B or inequality identical with E, and represent C 1-C 4Alkyl or C 3-C 6Cycloalkyl;

    D represents hydrogen, cyano group, phenyl, hydroxyl, C 1-C 6The C of alkoxyl group, replacement 1-C 6Alkyl, its substituting group can be halogen, hydroxyl, azido-, morpholino base, oxo morpholino base, benzylthio-, succinimido;

    Or represent R 24-O-CH 2-Ji is R wherein 24Represent C 1-C 6Alkyl, phenyl, optional halogenated benzyl, C 1-C 6Alkyl-carbonyl, phenylcarbonyl group, three (C 1-C 4Alkyl) silyl, THP trtrahydropyranyl, succinimido;

    Or represent R 5-CO-base, wherein R 5Represent C 1-C 6Alkoxyl group, morpholino base;

    X representative-CH=CH-,The following base of R representative Wherein, R 21Represent hydrogen, R 22Represent hydrogen, methyl, ethyl, propyl group, sec.-propyl, butyl, isobutyl-, the tertiary butyl or benzyl, perhaps sodium, potassium, calcium or a magnesium ion, or ammonium ion, Described method is characterised in that, the ketone compound of following general formula (VIII) is reduced In the formula A, B, E, D as defined above, R 23Represent alkyl, For acids, can prepare by the hydrolysis of ester,For the salt of ester, can make by the hydrolysis of ester.

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