Multifunctional moxibustion instrument

Multifunctional moxibustion instrument

  • CN 1,055,830 C
  • Filed: 12/23/1994
  • Issued: 08/30/2000
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/27/1994
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. , a kind of multifunctional moxibustion instrument, by magnetic moxibustion head, design has the warm pin hole that can supply warming needle moxibustion in the magnetic moxibustion head;

  • The moxibustion of indirect moxibustion is poor;

    The Rong Ai chamber of heating Folium Artemisiae Argyi;

    Permanent magnetic device on a moxibustion collet and the moxibustion skull;

    Hemorrhoid moxibustion medicated cap;

    The multicore cable that has plug that connects magnetic moxibustion head and electronics automatic control box is formed, it is characterized in that;

    Folium Artemisiae Argyi does not burn, the multifunctional moxibustion instrument that the magnetic moxibustion head that the electronic automatic control device of being made up of heater circuit, temperature-control circuit, moxibustion timing circuit, power supply circuits is connected with multicore cable is formed, the moxibustion head of multifunctional moxibustion instrument are to have the collet (9) that hangers, center have the warming needle moxibustion hole by two ends;

    In permanent magnetic ring (10) is housed;

    The interior Lower Half of magnet ring (10) is stained with Folium Artemisiae Argyi heating element heater (11);

    The first half of magnet ring (10) is filled the Rong Ai chamber (12) of Folium Artemisiae Argyi;

    Heat insulation asbestos pad (13) is equipped with in the upper surface of magnet ring (10);

    Center drilling is housed above the asbestos pad (13) and designs indirect moxibustion groove (18) is arranged;

    Be stained with the magnetic moxibustion skull (14) of permanent magnetism magnetosphere (19), be tightened on the multi-functional moxibustion head that forms complete Gong warming needle moxibustion, indirect moxibustion, direct contact moxibustion and a magnetic therapy with collet (9), the outer heat insulation anti-infection cover of being made up of gauze and foam washer (15) directly is contained on the moxibustion head, has heat insulation anti-cross infection function;

    Be the row'"'"'s of having entry around hemorrhoid moxibustion medicated cap (16) skullcap of medicated cap shape, shade and magnetic moxibustion skull (14) are crimped on the asbestos insulation pad (13), composition hemorrhoid magnetic moxibustion head.

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