A kind of wet type ramming scale removal equipment

A kind of wet type ramming scale removal equipment

  • CN 105,583,737 B
  • Filed: 03/14/2016
  • Issued: 05/11/2018
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/14/2016
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1. a kind of wet type ramming scale removal equipment, including at least a de-scaling unit, the de-scaling unit includes De-scaling box, mortar suppliesTo mechanism and circulated filter system, the mortar feed mechanism is connected with each wet type impeller head on the De-scaling box, toIt supplies de-scaling medium, and the de-scaling medium is the mortar that water is mixed into steel sand particle,The circulated filter system is connected with De-scaling box and mortar feed mechanism respectively,The De-scaling box is used to receive metal plate and belt and to the hollow babinet of its at least one surface progress de-scaling, case for oneBody both ends are equipped with the entrance and exit that metal plate and belt passes through, and the roller-way of transmission metal plate and belt are equipped among babinet and for threadingThreading arm and pinch roller;

  • Using roller-way absolute altitude as boundary, two pairs of wet type impeller heads, the rotation of each pair wet type impeller head are set respectively on the top of babinet and lower partTurn direction on the contrary,Babinet top:

    Box body wall is horizontally disposed with, and impeller head is arranged on box body wall in the row of two rows two, is in end to end with arrange impeller headOpposite direction is obliquely installed, and one tilts to entrance side, and one tilts to outlet side, the lengthwise centers of same column impeller head and De-scaling boxLine is symmetrical;

    Lower box:

    Box body wall is respectively by lower inlet side and the lower lateral centroclinal setting of babinet in outlet, and impeller head is in two rows twoRow are set, and a row is fixed on the box body wall of lower inlet side, and a row is fixed on the box body wall of lower outlet side, with row'"'"'s impeller headIt is arranged in parallel end to end in opposite direction, the length centerline of same column impeller head and De-scaling box is symmetrical;

    Straightener is provided with before first de-scaling unit;

    The transverse width in the strike region of the mortar is more than the half of metal plate and belt maximum width;

    De-scaling unit sets multiple, is sequentially reduced along steel sand granularity used in each de-scaling unit of rolling direction, and along rollingThe ejection velocity of each impeller head in direction is gradually reduced.

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